Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Windows" Creepy Pasta Short story by R.Martinez=

It's been 300 years since Ugandor Liles death in the small town of Woodland, North Carolina. He was a child molester for many years as an old grotesque looking man. With eyes blue as the skies and his grey hair surrounding his bald patch of skin on top of his head like a lion mane. Dark spots of aging filled his face, with the most yellow brownish teeth your ever saw. He died alone in his home, yelling for help for anyone who can hear him, which never came. As he laid to his doom from a fatal heart attack, he promised the devil he would do his work, if he let him live longer. Ugandor is a myth told to the woodland kids to stay away from the woods, stay away from their windows at night and stay in bed. For when Ugandor kidnapped children he would come through their windows and take them with him to the woods where he did the unthinkable but he never killed, just told them to be silent.

Little do the children know, 4 kids disappear every year and are found mutilated, heads torn off and their organs ripped out from the hole made by their decapitation. These gruesome murders are never explained, but always investigated with no suspects and no evidence. Only footprints of a human foot that looks mangled. Always a trail leading into the dark woods of the Woodland township. Everyone saids , that Ugandor Liles is still out there, living as this beast growing old and decrepit into a abnormal living thing, that must feed on the blood of the young to survive. The police believe it to be some madman, leading them on a wild goose chase. This story below is about his latest victim, Timmy.


"Don't ever go to your window at night, just pretend nothing is there and ignore everything you hear"

"Okay dad, I don't believe in scary stories, It's all fake all of it, to creep us out."

"Alright, just remember never stare into the eyes, thats when he gets you, it's like giving him permission"

"Dad just stop, your scaring me"

"Im not playing Timmy, don't ever look outside the Window, ever..."

"Good night Timmy, I love you."

As the door closes, young Timmy closes his eyes and a thunderstorm soon starts to move in the Woodland area. Timmy's last image is that of the thorny bush outside his windows shaking in the wind. As he doses off into a deep sleep just like every other night he plans to wake up the next morning.

1 A.M. rolls around, a sharp sound taps off the window. Timmy opens his eyes looks at his window, he see's the thunderstorm is now very hard raining cats and dogs. He hears the clank at his window like someone throwing rocks from the rain. He gets up and walks over the other side of his room trying to see if it's just the throned brush hitting the window. As he watches he hears the clank once again, this time harder. Timmy remembering what his father told him, ignores it and shakes his head telling himself "It's probably hail", Timmy heads back to bed, without a care in the world trying to go to sleep during this thunderstorm.

2 A.M. the storms seemed to weakened, Timmy still half awake is finally dozing off. As his eyes look dreary he notices a shape coming from outside in the moonlight through his room. Terrified, it is man shaped and moving. It's seems to be looking from a distance crouching on a hill top. Timmy thinks his imagination is playing tricks on him, his father must of scared him enough to think theres something out there, it has to be a deer or something. The shape suddenly disappears into the distance and finally young Timmy lets out a sigh of relief. As he tells himself "It must of been some animal, this is not my night"

3 A.M. A knock a the window has not been tapped, Timmy asleep didn't hear it. Another louder knock on the window stuns Timmy awake. Timmy gasping for air, wonders what can be doing this at his window. All he can hear is the wind now, howling outside, the storm has passed. There is no shadow, there is only a knock. He looks at his window as the moonlight gazing into his room shows no signs of anything being outside in the hill plains or near his window. Then a thunderous knock, hits it once again. He saids to himself this is his imagination playing tricks on him. He hears a light sucking of teeth outside of it, like something lurking nearby but not quite being able to see it. Timmy now is getting out of his bed, walking towards the window, knowing that this sound can be just his brush tapping the window. As Timmy creeps toward the window he grabs a baseball bat his father gave him.

He stands around 10 feet from the window, waiting to hear something, if anything comes in he will attack it with the bat and yell for his father for help. He stays there, just looking at his window praying that whatever it is, it needs to just go scatter, and leave. He hears something breathing outside the window and his eyes widened with fear, as the breathing is a deep troublesome sound. There is no shadow all he hears is heavy breathing. He just stares into the unknown, he now is walking towards his door, but then thing that is outside his window scatters, like it was frightened. He listens, and it sounds like its running away towards the forest. Timmy, finally letting a breath into his lungs saids "it was a bear probably"

Nonchalant Timmy heads over to the window no longer scare as he has guessed it was a animal from the woods being a nosey garbage hunter. He tries to sneak a peak into the animal heading into the woods from a distance as it might be running on the plains and he can see what it is. He uncovers the curtains quickly, and there he was. A disgusting evil looking man, naked, his skin looked rotten filled with spots of aged putrid skin. His mouth was filled with sharpened yellow teeth and his nose was that of witches nose. His hands looks deformed with long nails that looked like they were grown over years and bitten off once long enough. His hair was a pulsating white mane around a bald spot where more ugly dark spots covered all over his face, his eyes are blue a beautiful blue. Timmy is in shock, unable to move, unable to scream, his hands clutching his bat, he just stares into the ugly mans eyes.

The man smiling now, raising his hands towards the window, and saids "It's time, to feast"

He breaks the window in one fatal swoop, grabbing Timmy by the waist in one movement. Timmy screams in agony as he is force through the broken window, cutting his hands and legs with deep wounds. He lets out a thunderous scream of horror, trying to grab the wood frame, but its no use, the creature has him and will not let him go.

The room now quiet, as Timmy's father rushes in, he see's the window smashed in. He lingers for a bit in a confused state and makes his way outside the house. He looks around, and the storm has come in again. It starts to rain, as he tries to find out where Timmy has gone to. He see's something through the lighting..... in the far plains on top of a hill where theres a tree. He see's the silhouette of a creature, standing up right. He seems to be waving his hand at Timmy's father, and on the other hand, there seems to be a round shape, he's grabbing it by some hairs. The creature, is showing Timmy's father, his 9 year old sons head in a playful gesture.

The father just starts crying, as the creature scatters and goes into the woods with the head. Woodland County, has now got confirmation that something unnatural is hunting down their children. Something not of this world, something Timmy's father will be hunting down the rest of his life for. Never go near your window, never let him see you, Never look into his eyes, for that means he can finally grab you as you lay motionless in fear.

-Robert Martinez

Monday, March 17, 2014

Clipping. - "Work, Work" (Feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) [Lyric Video]

Hello, class.  
Hope you all had a productive weekend. I'm sure you all worked hard--at least some of you. My name is Professor Hyper Beam and today will be speaking about "The Yellow Wallpaper".         

Now, The Yellow Wallpaper is a very important work of literature on Feminism. It is also very old.  Written in 1892, before feminism was anywhere as important of a subject as it is now. The Yellow Wallpaper tells a story about a woman suffering from mental and physical abuse. These problems with her health are due to her husband. Her husband is a very bad man who makes her a prisoner by confining her to the bedroom of a rented summer home. The husband has barred the windows so that she cannot smash open them and escape from the torment that the husband takes pleasure in. This 6,000 word short story is very interesting and gives a good picture of the way men have treated women over the course of history. 

You see, the entire story is told to the reader in the voice of the tormented female narrator. In her voice we learn about the husband John. It is John who recommends that his wife take a rest in the summer mansion so that she can be calm after having just given birth to their child. But after reading the entire story, it is clear now that the husband has used the mansion as a secluded torture chamber for his wife.

We are told of the look of the room through the description expressed to us by the wife. The female tells us that the room is yellow and has missing patches, and it leaves yellow marks on her skin. This gives the room a deep sense of the ugliness which surrounds the female as she is about to be tormented by her husband. There is also another woman which the main female sees inside the pattern of the yellow wallpaper, hence the name of the story. Behind the wall paper, this mysterious woman is trapped and the main woman feels a need to free her. 

This could be symbolic to the female narrator feeling she needs to free herself. It can also mean that this story is a picture of all the women who suffer not just her. This may not be a specific story about a specific woman’s torture. But, there may be a universal message in The Yellow Wallpaper about all the women who get tormented by terrible men. This main woman can actually be all women in the world. This strengthens the feminist message in the story.     

Class dismissed.   

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sacred Shrines - "Apollo" (video)

Australian psych-rock band Sacred Shrines released the groups first video a few days back. The visuals accompany their latest song “Apollo”. I’m really excited about this group, especially with their debut project rounding in to shape. Expect more music to come. Rock out.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vulkan the Krusader - "VX-13 : Do You Remember Love" (Mixtape)

Over the past year I have been creating my new album. When i first started making music no one expected much out of me. No one believe, no one cared, no one really thought I could make a difference. The only reason I make music is literally because I love making it and I love to do something original and new, something no one is doing. My first tapes, were training sessions, I made this red V logo as a call sign to those who wish Hip Hop had more progression to go towards the future of sound, to hear actual barriers being broken. I just turned 32 recently, and I would not be making this type of music if lets say I was 21. I think if i was making music at 21 it would be probably Odd Future sounding for todays standards. 

I gave this album to friends of mine and they are really impressed with it, it's aura, its sonic landscape, its lyricism and it's melodies and highs and lows. I know myself this is my best work. Therefore this is the first entry into the "Master Years" , 3 albums/mixtapes that are being made in the prime of my life as a music maker. Tho, I'm not the biggest hip hop musician by a long shot, my music has been heard 200,000 times by some people in this universe so I think there's people who really get what Im trying to do. 

Lately some pretty cool writers have reached out to me, and Im one step closer to being with Grimes ( I wish). If I achieve Influence I hope the kids who listen to this stuff are rest assured that there's someone out here who doesn't care whats popping or what they tell you whats popping. This is Hip Hop in it's purest form whether you like it or not. I drop albums on February 14th because it's my love letter to Hip Hop, I drop albums on November 5th because of my V for Vendetta like persona in the hip hop arena. I am one man, one movement, never stopping, forever terrorizing the underground.

Anyways, I made a great album in my mind, and if you love it, share it, blog it, listen to it. Im making hard copies to be sold on the band camp and will drop them in about 2-3 Weeks. Also doing a thing with Vice /Noisey. Decadence & Class, shall prevail.

-Vulkan the Krusader 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Keep the Love Spinning: De La Soul Makes Their Entire Catalog Available for Free

In honor of the upcoming 25th Anniversary of their classic, 3 Feet High & Rising, De La Soul is making their entire music catalog free for download. For just a 25-hour window, which starts today around 11 a.m., you can download every album this legendary group has ever released.

Keep the Love Spinning Click Here

Monday, February 3, 2014

Orrin - "Water" (video)

Orrin blends his lackadaisical delivery perfectly with this production on “Water” to create a smooth, affluent soundscape. Consider this cut somewhat of a synopsis for Orrin’s debut LP, Nocturnal. Emotional but not overwhelming. An inclusive view into the world of Orrin brought to you in a concise fashion. So ingest this real quick and drift along with the current.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Charles Ramsey - "Chill Factor: Phase 1" (album)

I met this kid Charles his freshman year when we were both studying at little ole' Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, and we connected right away. He was one of the flyest dressers on campus,from the proudest sector of North Carolina (252), and he LOVED music. Being that we shared the same home,the same enthusiasm for music, and both found our young black selves trying to navigate in the foreign space that was Wake Forest University, I always felt like Charles possessed a spirit a bit kindred to mine. I would always keep my eye out for him, because I knew that he was very creative and his aura was a bit more nuanced than your typical Wake Forester. Often time, when kids were raging and stumbling back home after a few too many, you could find Charles hanging out in intimate settings with just a few friends or in a tree playing his guitar and rhyming to himself.

Like a lot of our peers feel, I believe this project is long overdue. Now that he has graduated college and matured into a young adult, I'm glad that he was able to finally put together an album that our friends and the rest of the world can enjoy. As he tells it:

Chill Factor was my "Finally" project. I just wanted to make a complete project where I was the one putting the pieces together, finally. I'd always wanted to flow on some 90's instrumentals about a few brief stories in my life. Nothing too major cause of the chill/relaxed vibe I wanted to incorporate. I chose all of the instrumentals, learned how to mix my vocals, and had a lot of fun making the project.
Chill Factor has a perfect combination of lyrical whit, narrative voice, and a healthy introspective balance of seriousness and humor. The album definitely shows promise, great work, congratulations homie.

Vulkan the Krusader - "Echo Chamber"

Last night, Earmilk premiered the Vizzer's latest, "Echo Chamber". The blurb was so on point that I'm just going to quote it here
Chillwave never gets the support it deserves. In a time when everyone wants to turn in a general upward direction, it's fantastic to hear a track devoid of heavy hi-hats and nonsensical rhymes. Fortunately for us, Brooklyn's very own Vulkan the Krusader has come through with that good stuff on his latest track "Echo Chamber". Described as the struggle between a devoted man and his newly discovered promiscuous girlfriend, the light etherial Yakamoto Kotzuga produced song relies heavily on sound storytelling and elements to get the message across. "Echo Chamber" is the third title from Vulkan's upcoming project, VX-13: Do You Remember Love, and will be released for your listening pleasure on Valentine's Day.
I've witnessed Vulkan progress as an artist since before the Lucy Naive mixtape dropped and he beheld a vision back then for his music that I believe is now becoming actualized. The VX-13: Do you Remember Love is shaping up to be a great release. Get ready for V-Day.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dom O Briggs - "Reset EP"

Dom O Briggs is still young, he's a former slam poetry guy. He's still branching out to find his sound and his voice. Still a great emcee with a laid back flow, off kiltered production and punchline abilities are rooted in his rhymes like unheard of gems. I've been supporting him for a while, this is his new EP that brings you more installments from the young upstart, listen to it below.

M.Will the Shogun - "Herme Thrice: The Messenger"

For the price of $999.99 you can own this new riveting project from my lil bro Marlon. The opening track has some jungle type feel to it, then it evades into RNB, then a intergalactic phallus of a track with Brendun Deshay. Marl shows a new side in this project, my favorite track is the last track that is kinda more pleasing to my aesthetic. Overall great way of showing the range M.Will has and still remains a future gem waiting to be uncovered. 

Teek Hall - "Murals" (EP)

Teek Hall reminds me of MJG from the group , you know which one if you are cool. Listening to this reminds me of small towns where things are run down. It has some highlights and some stumbles, but still a solid piece of work from the kid. "Meet the Dealer" and "Dreams" are probably my favorite tracks from the project.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tay Walker (of The Internet) "Karma" (video)

Vocalist and keyboardist Tay Walker from Odd Future's The Internet just debuted the video treatment for his track "Karma" and it's as satisfying as one would expect from the young talented crooner. Really dope visuals.

Vulkan the Krusader - "Never Coming Back"

In case you missed the world premiere by Mass Appeal a few days ago, here's the latest from Vulkan the Krusader "Never Coming Back" off the upcoming album VX:13 Do You Remember Love. Mass Appeal also featured Vulkan in a recent interview where he discussed love, music and his upcoming album, which you can read here. The interview is a great read and gives a rare chance to travel into Vizzer's realm. Listen to the song, read the interview, then listen to the song 100 more times before VX:13 drops next month.

The Goodie Bag Presents: Astor - "Dark Days, Cold Nights" Instrumental Tape

This is Vancouver native, Astor's, newest works and one, which he claims contains a collection of his favorite personal work. Astor has a brilliant track record, producing for the likes of KAi Sky Walker, Spark Master Tape and Casey Veggies. Today we get "Dark Days, Cold Nights", a masterpiece of an instrumental album that truly showcases Astor's diverse range of talents, and influences in his musical creations.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Joe Fnkoo - "Don't Mind Me" (Video)

From the moment I first saw this high octane video for 'Don't Mind Me' off of Joe Fnkoo's -aka Joe Cool- Drivers Ed mixtape I knew I had to hear more. I dug a little deeper and I'm glad I did, it turns out Joe produced this joint himself. He merged a Dr. Dre sample with rolling high hats and a slick flow to create a real banger and his "mixtape" only gets better. Consisting of 10 original joints calling Drivers Ed a mixtape does a real disservice to the work Joe put into it. After running through the album a few times it's hard to drop Joe Fnkoo into any one category. He's like one part Andre 3000 one part Kendrick Lamar sprinkled with a NoLa state of mind. Watch for more of this dudes music in 2014.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Aaron Cohen Feat. Grande Marshall - "Why you mad for" Video

Aaron Cohen from the I.C.K (Inner City Kids) release his latest visual featuring Fools Gold counterpart Grande Marshall. As they all huddle around fiery trash cash and brave the cold winter that is New York city as their backdrop to this murky track.

Devine Carama - "Cold Winter Nights"

Another great offering from our friend Devine Carama. Starting today Carama launching a "Monday Music" series in which he'll be releasing a brand new song every single Monday until the release of his forthcoming The Dream Walker EP due in late February. Let's get it started with this joint here, "Cold Winter Nights" and be sure to come back for more.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lapsley - "Station" Video

Lapsley is a young crooner from overseas, she made this really simple song. She has a nice voice, i didn't like how she pitched down on her own beautiful voice but, i see a lot of potential in this young lady.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MeLo- X - "YONCE-X" (EP)

Brooklyn based MeLo-X decided to take to his Soundcloud and bless us with a new EP. It features remixes off of Beyonce's latest tidal wave of an album. MeLo-X flexes his diversity by spanning several genres; he has a knack for  riding the borders between R&B and down-tempo electronic. Some stand out tracks for me are the Trap sprinkled "Ghost In The Sheet" and choppy Neo-Soul "Rock-It".

Original song's that garner as much attention as these set the bar high. Remixing them can be a risky venture. I really think MeLo-X nailed it. He matched if not added to the general vibe and sexiness these tracks already permeated. Picturing Beyonce riding wood grain on a surfbort just got something serious.

Party Supplies - "Working out" (Feat. Big Fat Jew) Video

Party Supplies has always been good peoples. He recently release a project on Fools Gold, it's now a band of two people if you didn't know. This video has one of the funniest people in NY, the big fat jew if you never heard of him, please refer to google.

Mr. Green - Live From The Bedroom 8 "The Roots Tribute" (Video)

 When it comes to golden era hip hop it doesn't get much more influential then The Roots. Black Thought,  Malik B, Questlove and the whole crew helped cultivate a timeless sound that's held down the East-Coast for more than two decades. Malik and Green are currently in the lab developing a collaborative album slated to drop in 2014. With the help of VICE's Sam Lipman-Stern Mr. Green pays tribute to just about everybody's favorite hip hop group and manages to stay innovative while doing it. At 2:00 mins Mr. Green scoops up the decks and slings them over his shoulder like a guitar. I've seen a ton of trickery but this shit some straight artful mastery.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dom O Briggs feat CIDNINJA - "Gem In I" (Video)

The first installment of visual treatment for Briggs' LP Mr. Briggs that was released last spring. If you missed it then check it out . Also, be on the lookout for his next endeavor, The Reset EP slated to drop January 22.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Steel Tipped Dove - "SEO" (Beat Tape)

S.T.D. is probably one of NY's most prolific underground producers. I worked with him twice before and it's always a pleasure working with him. His output is Lil B like and in 2014 I really hope people who write appreciate his work alot more. Today he puts out SEO, his first beat tape of 2014. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Relly Snow - little Goons (EP)

Relly Snow released a EP earlier today. It's called "Little Goons" while these sites out here champion weak ass acts on their blog cuz they are "weird". This kid Relly is not the best lyricist but he sounds very sincere and raps entertaining. The beat selection is very different and his flows are slow to fast paced, you never know what your getting from him. My fav track is the track "Buddha" thats kinda like Andre 3000 singing rapping.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Run the Jewels - "A Christmas Fucking Miracle"

El-P is kinda like a big bro to me, one with a great sense of humor and satire that he infuses with great imagery in his videos. This is like a live action Christmas card on your computer, also Killer Mike proves there's a black Santa. Press play if you never believed in Santa though.