Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Air Jordan VIII Womens Retro

Feels weird that my Homey Brich from Sole Collector had these to show us these are one of many Retros of the VIII to hit us in late 07. Personally I cant wait to cop some Aqua joints! These are Womens White/Aquas so fellas get your size 12's to rock I wont just not my of tea.


Nike Air Trainer III Transformers

These are fresh the have patent ,3M, neon laces and are the illest trainer III's I have ever wanted to get! Stay tune on release date on these joints. The Movie comes out July 4th so expect them to come around some weeks before that. Time to call some people and get me a pair dont wanna miss out!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vulkan X Brian The Shoehead Las Vegas Pick-ups XXV Custom Six Pack , Old Six , Safari, Players, Best Photoshoot Ever!!

All kicks Provided By Brian The Shoehead and ERica.

Photos By: Vulkan The Krusader

So Brian Finally came back from Vegas and didnt come back with my Zoom kobe II ultimate All-Stars but it wasnt his fault it was Nikes Prolifically blatant error Squad. So he did bring back some fire XXV Old Six complete. XXV Air Force Custom Six pack 500 Each limited some Safari Dunks and AM95, Lebron IV All-Stars, T-mac VI All-Stars, And a new six Chris Paul joint. This was a fun day for me I bought my nephew his first jays today. Then I set up a cannot miss Photo shoot of all these shoes at one place an old church Courtyard and Garden. The Garden of Eden really good shoot weather was crappy but at least all these kicks were a complete set which ...on the real no one I know on Sole collector has one but Brians will be all showcased here in all its glory! Enjoy the kick pics and I would like to thank Brian and Erica for letting little old Vulkan the opportunity to share this heat Storm.....Stay tune heads Brian in my book is a legend in the Game if you know him you know was being a Shoehead is all-about. Mind you I said "shoehead" and not "Sneakerhead" its my way of keeping O.G. just like Brian and just like Erica! Steve you need to take a look at this!

Keep it godlike


My Nephew Adrian's Baby Air Jordan XXII Shoot! First Jays Ever!

I am a very proud uncle today as I found it fit for my 4 month old Nephew to have his very first Air Jordan Hard Botttoms on his feet. I documented it on this blog so I can remember it forever and captured in Time. Love this kid dont see him Often but Uncle Vulkan is the Only one to Lace him with Fire. To me the XXII is an ill shoe so any haters you guys just hating on price. Heres to the future of sole loving kids.....

Krusader Out!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nike Azulikeit New colorway

Been liking the shape of the Air Max Azulikeit's but not a colorway until these came in so The Krusader will cop...But new rule is two pairs a week for me (thought I can cop two if they are worthy of it) So Im following these new guidelines to my Kick Fetish but these will be copped probably in two weeks its not on top of my list for personal cops but will be in the collection soon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

PhotoShoot : Lebron IV Bred & Wade 2.0 All-Star

So this is my Photoshoot with Lebron IV Breds and Wade 2.0 All-Star Edition Loving the Brons and The Wades stepped their packaging up. The Brons are $150 and The Wades are $100 dollars and come with a cool box and Baggie for the kicks. Brons come out this thrusday the 22nd and Wades are out in Urban accounts.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Incoming NikeID Kicks 2K4 & 2K5

So as yall know im a big Kobe fan and on NikeID if you live in a cave in your own feces is a place where you can customized some kicks.Im selling my 2 2K4's and a pair of lasered 2K5. So I wont be coming out of pocket for these joints! They are a USA edition 2K5 and a Black/Maize 2K4 just these alone thats All I need for this model to have something no one else really has. They will arrive in a month I will post pics till then.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Zoom Kobe II Sheath All-Star Game Shoe

Well I can only hope now that Brian gets his hands on a Zoom Kobe II ultimate this Sunday and pray that Nike doesnt Fuck us over again. I would want this colorway more than the white/gold and im twisting every which way wondering will I be able to obtain a QS at this point....stay tune follow krusaders.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Zoom Kobe II Ultimate

Well nike Basketball finally un-veiled this shoe the first AZKII on Nikebasketball pics at all...Its been real Hush, Hush, so far. Hopefully Brian The Shoehead can GEt me a pair and Undefeated needs to stop Fronting.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Photoshoot : Air Jordan XXII

Heres my Photoshoot of my Air Jordan XXII If you dont like em you probably cant afford them. At $175 these lighter and are one of my favorite models to date.....If youre hating like I said you probably stuck in Retroville or just cant afford these joints.