Monday, June 30, 2008

I play in them

For those asking if I play in fruity pebbles? yes I do I aquired them and have been balling in them since. They have scuffs, scratches and even stitches coming off them because of the court usage. I don't do it to knock people that bought them for the $1,000 they paid but these are basketball shoes. Let's get back to the love people show for them, you understand what Im saying?


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vulkan in New York June 26th to June 29th Young Money!

Yes I will be in New York for the duration of the week and be back this Monday so holla at me if you trying to find me!

V for I wrote the DXC Miami summary check it out! fcuk whatever you say

Monday, June 23, 2008

Young Money!

I am Hollywood, Young money Hollywood!
Tougher than Serenissimas Hair
My kicks compared to yours, get those lowly stares
Im a hyperstrike release like a pair of P.E Rasheeds
Thru the buttons of my sidekick sitting right here in my hand
Cuz I dont talk shit, I got too many people I cant stand
cuz my dreams, thoughts, desires go to the almighty Ramona
and the almighty power..of that..Co- Co- Co-COLA!
hypbeast, collectors, board trollers , E-dick hoppers
got the beauties on my feet always looking proper
tell the mockers hahahahah if you cant cop them you cant knock them
I got by those "Loon" rules
if you cant sell them then you drop him
you cant hate him so you love him
you can wait on them so you stand with gotham
You got them cuz we got them like we paid off footlocker!

Muthafucka Im Vvvvvv.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals Game 6 : Celtics 131 Lakers 92 ...We Didnt want it like they did.

So we didnt compete at all in Game 6 and the Lakers were completely outplayed in every aspect of the game. I am very happy for Kevin Garnett I didnt want to see him be a Charles Barkley type of career. He got his ring the Lakers are way younger than these guys and I expect them to win this thing next year. Of course the people who hate the Lakers will blame him but come on the Lakers lost the finals not Kobe bryant he actually has better stats than paul pierce so lets not talk about him getting the MVP and Ray Allen didnt. Congrats to real celtics fans and not these bandwagoners or some Kobe haters.

See you next year Boston.

V for we could have won 4-1 remember that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Once Again Beard time on the rise!!

Isnt she lovely!!!

V for loves Analee

NBA Finals Game 3: Lakers 103 Celtics 98 ...Celtics 3-2 Back to Boston for a miracle.

So this gets me even more mad that we lost game 4 knowing now we won game 5 and maybe even game 2 should have been ours. I honestly think if we win Game 6 we can pull off the biggest comeback in NBA finals history. We just need Lamar Odom to step up thats basically it if this guy can give us 18 12 and 5 every night I dont see alot of teams beating the lakers and with Paul giving us 15 with some D and we are good. Can we do it we will see tonight when we go back to Boston where the bandwagon has gotten bigger I think theres more Kobe haters than boston fans anyways lol thats how weak the fanbase is over there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBA Finals Game 4 Celtics 97 Lakers 91...Celtics 3-1 Biggest Choke job ever.

So the Lakers were beating the celtics by 24 in the first half, sounds good huh? and Kobe didnt even hit a field goal? Sounds even better in teh second half huh? Well guess what happened..they gave up when the second half started in the biggest tank job ever in NBA finals history. The whole Laker team should be ashamed at not having the heart to kill off this celtics team in a must win game and to gain control of this series Imagine if they win Sunday what type of implication that would have had for this series? Now they must pull out the impossible thats never been done in finals history come back from a 3-1 hole. I myself believe if you lose such a game you dont want it as bad as those other guys on that celtics team. Andrew Bynum must come back asap and Lamar Odom needs to be traded he is not scottie pippen.

V for get real

P.S. for people hating on Kobe saying hes not Mike Jordan, please Mike never got double or tripled teamed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obsessive Sneaker Disorder show is on now!! click play!!1 every wednesday at 9:30 eastern time!

NBA Finals Game 3 Lakers 87 Celtics 81 ...Celtics 2-1

Kobe is the best player in the game, you know it I know it and if you still a loser who hates for no reason? well then your just an ignorant person in denial and think everyone has your back on NOPE Celtics LOSE and they will lose two more, Paul Pierce is a sham, KG just had a bad game and Ray allen did his thing as the only one making shots. Still the Lakers could not blow the celtics out becuase of two people who didnt show up Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol were missing from this game if they did their thing, the game would have been over in the second quarter.Of course I feel that once they see how bad they played I think Game 4 will be a different story. The Machine Sasha Vujacic could not be stopped and wont be stopped because the celts really are focusing on Kobe because the double team him at the top of the key leaving shooters open. Now for people saying it was a grind out win yes it was, but Boston had a really bad meltdown and now I think their confidence is shaken. Next game will be the blow out and the next game will be a grinder....still LAKERS 3-2 going back to Boston...just watch.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NBA Finals Game 2 : Celtics 108 Lakers 102 ....Celtics 2-0

This is all I have to say about this game Leon Powe 21 points and had more free throws than the entire Laker TEAM! 38 - 10 in FT"S!! so yeah when I said no excuses in game 1 that was a clear lost , but damn this game was ugly with the refs. Every call went the celts way you can touch Leon powe! are you crazy!! Well this is the crazy part Lakers were down by 24 with 7 minutes left and cut it down to 2 with one minute left in this game. It almost turned out to be the biggest choke job/comeback in history cuz if not people would talking about the celts being in trouble. Alot of ignorant people are aim,pm,emailing me like Im the Lakers or Kobe Bryant on some hateful dumb shit to be honest. Yall need to get a life and to think you need to type your hate and send it to me is really deserving of the "go kill yourself" award. But mark my words...LAKERS WILL WIN THREE STRAIGHT! IN LA! JUST LIKE BOSTON TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS AT HOME! JUST WATCH!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Paid Dues Festival Go...Imma be there lol

NBA finals Game 1 : Celtics 98 Lakers 88

I never make excuses for Teams but yes the celtics won game 1 but no one was saying shit from on the net at halftime. Alot of people get pumped a little too much when their team wins a game but now the Lakers had this game in check the first half but Paul Pierce did do some wack shit by pretending to be really hurt and he's the reason the celts won this game because his four point play and two threes were basically the plays that made a difference in the game and Kobe being 9 for 26 help them out greatly. Kobe missed wide open shots it's not like Boston have him covered I saw him miss gimmies there. But I pray for Boston to play better Game 2 because your not gonna get those three's in game 2 Lakers need to adjust to this team and one game is all they need to adjust. If they lose Game 2 the celtics are in trouble...and Im talking the big kind.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wanna listen to the only sneaker radio show in the world tonight? Obsessive Sneaker Disorder!


so every wednesday you know the deal at 9:30 pm the OSD crew gathers and talks kicks and talks to people in the game who really make the moves! if you wanna be part of it just log in to and make an account. Our if you just wanna listen to just press play and enjoy the show! Call in if you want!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old School Hip hop Video of the week "Liquid Swords"- GZA

My All-Time favorite Hip hop Track

Thank you Ian

Yo I just wanna thank a good friend of mine for letting me shine in my own way.Very creative person who always is in work mode but probably is one of the biggest goofballs I ever met as well.Without him nothing could have been possible at and well now I am at and gonna take that to another level.We will continue to work on stuff with each other and he will show me some new tricks lol but stay tune for new Phase Nine shit!