Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vulkan the Krusaders Sportsnation Tonight at 9 eastern listen in!

Press play you can also join a chat at by signing up or joining as a guest and come talk sports with us.

The Scene I will be Acting out..for a play

I am the Joker in a play this is the scene i will be doing.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bud light Real Men of Genius Commercials

Mr.Really Really Bad Dancer

Mr.Footlong hot dog inventor

Mr.Silent killer gas passer

Mr.Grocery store Cart Wrangler

Mr.Nudist Colony activity coordinator

Mr. Way too much cologne wearer

Mr. Really bad toupee wearer

Mr. Pro Wrestling Wardrobe Designer

Mr.Giant Taco salad Inventor

First Look of the Nike Zoom Lebron VI

I let a sketch leak out way before anyone on ISS and Niketalk and shown everyone this shoe which every thought was not it. Eveyone thought that the Nike Zoom Power another Lebron sneaker was the shoe he was gonna title the VI but this proves it and all the rumors have ended.. OWNED


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vulkan the Krusaders Sportsnation Debuts Tommorow!

My sports internet talk show debuts tommorow join me at

or just click play here you can also download the show and call in when its live

the show is every monday and thursday 9pm to 11pm

V will be launching back soon..

So alot of people been asking about whats happened to , well dont worry.WE are working on some new things and updating the site to feature more content and a new look. So we will back shortly and stay tune lots of new things popping off for the site.

Vulkan Man out!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nike Hyperdunk x Kobe Bryant x Nike Labs Ad

Anyone else doubting this is his sneaker lol

Michael Jordan's Championship shoes!

Do You really know your Air Jordan History heres what MJ wore when he won those games. Each shoe he won in the exact game in the finals peeps Wisdom young people and you will General Releases are the shit.
Game 5 Bulls vs. Lakers Air Jordan VI Black/Black-Infrared

Game 6 Blazers vs. Bulls Air Jordan VII Black/True Red (Raptors)

Game 6 Bulls vs. Phoenix Air Jordan VIII Black/Varsity Red-White-Bright Concord (BRED)

Game 6 Sonics vs. Bulls Air Jordan XI Black/Varsity Red-White

Game 6 Jazz Vs. Bulls Air Jordan XII Black/Varsity red-White-Metallic Silver (playoffs)

Game 6 Bulls vs. Jazz Air jordan XIV Black/Black - Varsity Red (Last Shots)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whos my favorite Woman in the whole world? heres your answer

Yes shes Black and Beautiful shes curvy and she has mad personality. Toccara is my Dream girl so if you look like her or fit that description let me know! Cuz I want her really bad lol


Yes Rick Ross was ... a Correctional officer

Well Ricky did some time with some but in a different way. Cant hate on him most officers are currupt and do steal your cocaine. I know this from fact that Miami cops are the worlds most pampered son of bitches.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Naw Wait I take it back they are GAY

Bert and Ernie Sesame Street "Ante Up"

After Ranpid speculation of them being a Gay couple they made this to let people know they aint playing that shit.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Once Again Miley cyrus being the Disney whore she is.

Once again Disneys latest whore in training for future fellatio givers of America. I mean come on if your a whore just admit, even the best take one for the cred. Disneys slut machine is still in full steam ahead mode.

Monday, July 14, 2008

MVP Bitch!

Kobe doesnt need to say anything this is way funnier than that wack freestyle.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Joker Party Crashing Scene

Heres one more for you guys...I cant wait for this movie.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Party held for me..I didnt attend

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My bad trendz you know the deal

See you next time NY.


My Marriage Agreement with Yaz

So yerterday night Yaz hit me on aim for the first time in years..and I remembered Pixie sticks and her...weird time. But check this out real shit I made a contract agreement of stopping my infidelities and getting finally married lol.

heres the agreement

I Vulkan the Krusader Esquire will marry Yazmin Barreto if my person is not married by age 30. Only at Miss Barreto's discretion and full acceptance only then will I stop being a Gigolo. Hence any further disloyalty, being dishonest, giving full love and attention to miss Barreto. All monies will go to the will of building a home for future offspring and the happiness of both parties.



8:29 A

Oh yeah shes a master

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sydni Yoshie Rest in Peace

Havent talked to you in forever but you were part of the florida family down here in the sneaker community. I would like to dedicate the times I tell every person I meet I love you for what you are. Never take any moment for granted because it can be the last time you see that person. If you truly love them dont hesitate to tell them that because you will regret saying it yo their face when they are gone for no particular reason. Sydni was a great person very creative and had alot going for her. Also Men come and go all girls must know this before they get to the point where they put their lives on the line for a guy who might not even love you like that. Remember the world needs you first everything else later....

I love you all and we love Sydni


Kobe on Regis.