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Obsessive Sneaker Disorder Tonight. LISTEN IN!


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Old School Video of the Week : EPMD - Crossover

With them coming out with a shoe for DC I think you guys should know who they are.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Circa Vulc 99 - Vulkan Edition in the making.

So my boy Sawone from Circa asked me to do a colorway for circa the company he works for. I have one being made up with specific materials and if it is good enough for circa the shoe might go into production. I want to make something real nice for the public I know these wont go on many skateboarders feet but more for the people who loves eccentric design and abstract art.So gimme some time Saw I will make this one my first real chance to show people what I am about.


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A night with Marta and LaLA

Well my homies from down south came up to my world this past weekend. My homegirl Lala and jungle fever herself Marta came thru! so basically I was invited to dinner at the italian resturant where my manz marcos treated us to a nice presentation and then we hit up city place. We went into a little candy land type store and then we just bounce. Here are pictures i took that night, my camera was acting up so please excuse some blurryness.

V for Lala hooked it up with the LX

Old School Video of the Week : Rampage - Wild for the Night

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My 500th Post on my Blog - THE ADD POST VOLUME 2.

Nike Sportswear for the Loss

Just another random ADD POST

If you are...Please come fight me lol

Please use good grammar.

Jenn has a shitload of hair yo

This kid really wants Sarah Palin

These guys went to LA to get shoes to sell... FAILED

No Obama is not hype...

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Interview by. Vulkan the Krusader

I wanted to interview the man behind the name and the drama. So I decided to contact Rock to speak his mind on numerous topics. He is a enigma to most of us, but this interview should shed some light to the name. Rockdeep has been a staple at Niketalk for years and his affiliations with many Nike projects. Here now on the Krusader is live and uncut...Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Rockdeep.

Vulkan: Where did the name rock deep come from?

Rockdeep: I use to play Football in High School and College and since I was mostly a Possession Receiver and I wasn't known for the deep ball... the irony of my name being Rocky....and not being able to go Deep was set...

At least thats what I tell people. Since this is for a Sneaker Article.. I can't tell the real reason!! lol

Vulkan: What was your career choice before your current career status?

Rockdeep: Well I have always remained in the Same Career basically since leaving the Government after College. I was always into Marketing and Creative Creations. Back in High School I won the Business of the Year Award, for putting together a Business that involved Basically what is Mall of America in Minnesota today.

Me and my Classmate/Business PArtner Brandon Tarpley thought what if we could go to a Mall which had more than just Clothes stores. At the time in our Area, we had a pretty Poo Poo Mall so we traveled across the Bridge to Virginia ( I lived in Maryland at the time) and hung out at Springfield Mall. But all you could do is hang in the food Court or outside a store.

So we came up with a Concept to have an Indoor Go Cart Track, Putt Putt Course, Dodge Ball and Kickball Field as well as a Food Court where guys could meet girls. There would be more than just your usual mickey D's or Popeyes.. There would be Mom and Pop Restaurants where Parents wouldn't mind their kids eating at because it wasn't really Fast Food.

There was a lot more to it, but that was the jist of it. We won and it was at that point, I knew I wanted to get into Marketing and Branding.

Vulkan: What do you do in your off time when not working?

Rockdeep: Well I used to Co -Own and play Minor League Football for a Team Called the Virginia Monarchs in the Northern Virginia Area, and my family grew, so I couldn't put as much time into preparing to play so I now Coach, but no longer own the team.

I also spend alot of time with my family. I have two girls and two boys. My Boys are pretty E-Famous within the Sneaker World already...from being seen in one of the Sneaker Magazines with their Melo Collection behind them.

My two girls are pretty laced with kicks as well, and my 2 1/2 year old loves kicks about as much as my youngest son. My Oldest Son never really got into kicks, and always had kids asking where he got certain stuff, but he just shrugged it off, as his little brother would speak on it for the both of them.

They are my prides and joy. I wouldn't trade them in or the experience of being a Daddy for anything.

Vulkan: What shoes in your closet hold a special meaning or sentiment?

Rockdeep: I can't say any hold special Sentiments, as I never lost my virginity in a Pair of Nikes or Jays, nor do I remember what I was wearing when any of my kids were born, unless I look at pics...

But I do remember the Jordans I first fell in love with but could never afford until they Retro'd them some years back, and that is the Jordan II White/Red/Black. There is a pretty extensive Article in a Sneaker Magazine I wrote about which was a tribute to the 20 Years of Jordans and I have to say that was one of my best pieces of

Vulkan: Can you name people in your life that are people you admire?

Rockdeep: Man that list could go on forever, but I will split that up professionally and personally.

Personally it would be my parents first and foremost, because growing up with 4 sisters and a brother I didn't have much at all. Name Brands Not AT ALL.. .lol.. but they made it work. Sure I took a bashing at school for wearing Bo Bo's and didn't realize back then what they were doing for us, but having gotten older, I do realize they did what they could for us and made me realize I didn't want to struggle in life and have the best for my own kids.

Professionally there are two guys at Jordan I respect more than anyone else in the Footwear Industry. I won't mention them by names, but they know who they are and they basically believed in me and gave me as much insight into the industry when most people want you to follow a path and not care to share ANYTHING or knowledge because the Footwear Industry IS and ALWAYS will be a Cut throat industry.

One of the guys is ten years younger than me and one of them slightly older, but they both have thrived in their positions regardless of the criticism, regardless of the big bad company trying to tell them what they can't do, and when things got dicey for me. They knew above anything else said that I was on the right side of things and checked on me and always made sure I was ok.

Not many others who 'say' they are your friend or your boy did that or will do that. You always find out in the face of adversity who your real friends are. We can talk about life in general and Sneakers never ever even come up. So in retrospect, I guess they are who I admire Professionally and Personally because I regard them as friends too.

Vulkan: Whats new at jordan brand can you give us some insight?

Rockdeep: I couldn't. Other than Mark Smith is that dude. I think he has been a welcome addition to the Jordan Category. What many people don't understand is they Blame Gentry for SOOO much, and then others say MJ should be blamed for what is releasing. BUT, those two are only a part of the equation. Gentry has since moved on to the International Side of the house and I'm sure will be doing big things for Europeans... but Mark Smith will bring a Dynamic to Jordan Brand that I think will benefit the Brand and the Consumer.

The Designer I believe have been held back for YEARS because of holding on to the Legacy of Jordan. Some folks detest Team Shoes, but Jordan the Brand had to evolve. You can't live off Jordan I - XX3 forever.

I believe a story about the Athletes of Jordan Brand can be told thru the Team Line but the Team Line has had too much DNA from past Signature Jordan Shoes... so the folks from my Era may not like it because it seems to gimmicky, but the kids of today, don't have their own identity to hold on to. I believe with Mark as Creative Director, he will let the Designers actually use their talents to tell Design Inspired Stories instead of Marketing Inspired Stories.

Again. I could go on for days... but there are people who trust me NOT to share new info, which I would only do with proper permission.

Vulkan: Can you pinpoint your proudest moment in your life?

Rockdeep: Personally my proudest Moments have come through obviously the birth of my kids (if the wifey reads this), but moreso when they are old enough to call me Daddy or watch my kids play sports and do well. Both my sons are athletic and that would make ANY Father proud, but to see that both of my daughters are active and like to watch sports with me is also a great feeling.

Professionally. The prodest moment and this may sound weird is sitting in a meeting at a Company you have revered most of your life that is one of the biggest Footwear Giants in the world and hearing an idea of YOURS actually STOLEN with no credit given to you and actually put into place. EVEN if its not executed the way I would have done it. Just to know you had an idea folks would think enough of to use as their own and Market to the World. Idea Theft is the Biggest Form of Flattery in the Marketing World. lol

For all those in the Footwear world looking to get into this business as either a designer OR Product Line Manager, I would suggest you keep copies of EVERYTHING you send people and all emails and such you get back. It worked for me. Keep your Portfolio tight and Tag everything you do and whatever you can Trademark or Copyright. Do so.

Vulkan:What would be some things you would change in Nike Basketball in your opinion?

Rockdeep: WOW. Where do I start?

First I would let several young designers who are there just let loose. Don't give them Marketing Direction. Don't let even entertain using DNA from any other era, just let them design and not scale back. As I mentioned before, it would bring Nike Basketball back into relevance in the Footwear Industry where Performance Footwear is struggling across the board, but Nike Basketball has the Machine of Nike Marketing behind them.

However, with many of the products that have released over the years, I would go as far as to say not even Mike Marketing can help those Products.

With Kobe's line I would take advantage of the Olympics where obviously he has taken over as the #1 Athlete in their eyes. I would do more cutting edge Releases with his line. Their Gorilla Marketing has been working with the Hyperdunk line but THAT isn't a Kobe signature Product.. just a product Kobe endorsed. Those types of things need to be done with HIS line and give the reigns to a few guys over there to give Kobe something that speaks to Kobes Talents Persona and works at Retail.

One of those three things just doesn't equate to sales at the register. We are in a recession and this goes for Nike Basketball overall, but they need to scale back the Price Points of most of their Performance Footwear, which I suggested some years back and they begain to do with the Zoom BB line. Lebrons line is a line which being the Flagship Face of the Brand Product should SCREAM Innovatoin and Design Beauty.. and for the most part in the past Ken Link has done a GREAT job with that.

However, alot may have been on Kens plate and the Lebron V and VI may have suffered from it. I know he has a great crew over there working to make the line what it should be, but I just think they need more dedicated resources for a player they are paying large sums of money to Push their Brand to the next level.

I believe the House of Hoops is a Flawed idea, which was a great concept but the execution is so piss poor, that with you having Energy Releases of Hard to find Exclusive shoes, the Resellers are making more than the company on every release. Now I know helping the economy is a good thing, but that makes no sense at all, especially when the Retail Releases are doing very poor.

There is alot to that on the business side which I won't get into that is killing the Lebron line, but I think Ken can do some great things there and bring it back to where it once was without having certain powers that be influence or pressure his design talents.

But I've said enough already! lol

Vulkan: Any current projects you are working on you want us to know about?

Rockdeep: Yes.. but no.. lol. I wouldn't want anyone other than those who are REALLY close to me getting the scoop, because with this being a cut throat business there is alot of jealousy out there. Just know I am working with one of NT's Greatest on a few projects and it involves names already mentioned here and other Brands as well. I may not live in Beaverton anymore, but I will be remembered for a long time.

Vulkan: What message do you have for the Sneaker community?

Rockdeep: Wear your shoes. Shoes are not Cars. They are not Homes. They all have personal value and personal Value lasts longer than the actual shoes. For those buying three and four pairs to save for 10 years and resell, beware, because your shoes will be worth nothing other than the personal Value you may have had for them.

For those wanting to get into the Footwear Industry. Weather it be a Designer, a Color Designer or a Product Line Manager. Choose your friends and mentors carefully. Don't share your ideas with anyone who will listen. Pick and choose who you share your ideas with because although you may love a company to death and finally made it to your dream job, its not always cookies and cream. There are others who will do ANYTHING to undercut you and hold you back and you won't even know its going on.

There is jealousy and hate when all you want to do is carry out the one thing you have always wanted to do. Network as much as possible, because its about WHO you know as much as it is WHAT you can do or WHAT you know most times. Bad things happen to good people and many times good things happen to those who don't deserve it.

Above all else, if its what you want to do have your eyes open and JUST DO IT. I did and I don't regret a thing.

Cam'Ron - Medley Old school video of the week

This is Dope..has a live version of "Killa Cam" in the beginning

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Monday Old School Video of the Week!

Masta Ace INC. - INC RIDE

DC Shoes x EMPD

Well heres some inside info as you guys know DC shoes has been collaborating with some major players. EPMD the genius dudes who always know the business are making a shoe with the skateboard brand. This is the only look we got so far of the sneaker but I want these joints!

Chi Mcbride Dunkle Air Force 1 Hybrid

My manz Chi gets to go into the Innovation Kitchen but man sometimes you hit and miss. Depending on what shoe I just know Chi loves forces but this right here is just ridiculous. It's the Dunkle Dunk with an Air Force 1 Sole and it looks kinda awkward but hey it's Chi's taste so if he thinks they look good to him thats all that matters.

V for no likey

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New Nike SB Pick Ups

Bobba Fett Dunk Hi ( still dont see where the Inspiration is)

Melbourne Dunk Low...(Awesome dunk got a size 6 for my lover, lol)

The Woman who might be a life changer?

Well I really need to know more of her, and It even took a while to open up about her career. She is a Model and is one of very few people that make me laugh and not the other way around. I think shes a great person but just needs to open up to me more, but we will see where this will lead. As people find out whos who she will know who I am. I just want to see if I can just find something worthwhile. Im not looking for mediocre out there...Im looking for the highly loving lol.

V for loves Eve

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Barack Obama Will.I.Am Music Videos

We are the Ones

Yes We can

My Family

Me and sister are not the best of friends. I basically don't talk to her and we have an estranged relationship. I still love her but shes a total mess of a person at times. The reason we are having closer outings is because of my nephew who I cannot deny as a uncle , it's not his fault. I am leaving to New York January 2009 and my nephew wont see me for a while, but I will visit. I take care of family and now they need to do without me as a I have sacrificed alot to take care of them for a couple of years. Time to do for me and build my kingdom with my knowledge of what I know. Time to make some history...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Interviewed Me.

“Collections & Interviews”

The Shoe Must Go On! Has a major SUPER SPECIAL GUEST this edition, Vulkan The Krusader from and I promised a great guest and like always I delivered it to you. So no more waiting, enjoy the Collection and Interview………

1. What age do you think you were when you got your first pair of Jordans, and which pair was it?

Alot of people when they talk to me think Im some OG collector or think I been in the game since MJ.I was like most kid's my parents were broke and I wore Cortez and Reebok trainers with a pair of superstars next to me. I remember the day I bought my self my first pair of Jordans like it was yesterday I was working odd jobs you could say, this story really gets some people when I tell it. My first pair of Jordans was the original Air Jordan XI concords and I got them on sale at footlocker for $89.99 because they werent moving like they were and werent receive with much love when they came out. The funny thing is when I put them on to ball out on the court! My friends told me "Why are you wearing fucking tuxedo shoes son!" and I was made fun of for rocking them. This is real funny now that people don't know what I endured with this first initial buy but I never bought anything because people considered it "HEAT", god I hate that word.

1a.Other than Jordans what was the first real collectible shoe you got?

Jordans saved Nike what more can we say about it once he got things popping off worldwide, you could of sold us on other Nike's. I remember what I bought after that Air max trainer 94, Griffey's, Nike Air Barrage,Gran Hill joints, Penny's, I mean I got all the classics as a kid. I murdered them all because I actually used them to ball out and play football on concrete.I mean every shoe is a collectible If a certain meaning or back story on that shoe is something that reminds you of greatest or a certain pride you bought it with your hard earned cash. Of course people use them as status symbols now a days and thats cool as well. But the Barrage is the shoe that defined me in high school I rocked those to hell and back.

2. Right now which pair of shoes in your collection is your favorite pair.

Hmmmm, lemme think for a minute, I have got to say the Zoom Lebron IV "fruity pebbles". Now for the people that don't know about this shoe it might look sorta skittles like. It has a Inspiration of being a child. Which in the end sneakers are my ultimate toy, Lebron as a kid ate fruity pebbles everyday sometimes even for dinner and he loves the cereal. So they basically made the midsole a canvas for the flakes in many colors. The outsole panels are all different with those many fruity pebbles colors and the collar is also laced up with these colors as well. The crazy part when I got this sneaker is I play basketball on these sneakers and not alot of people who have this shoe would not dare to do that. It's a basketball shoe!!!

3. About how many shoes do you have now and about how long has it taken to collect that many?

I cut down actually from my crazy heyday , well what is normal now a days? I used to have over 350 pairs literally. I was robbed once for my OG Jordans, I sold lots of stuff due to a financial situation. Now I stand at a good 180 pairs I think around there. I know some cats with over 1,000 shoes but I cant do that unless I got two rooms and big ass house and somebody who knows Im a total nutcase for shoes. But the original 350 it took my a good 14 years to accumulate that number so in other words for you kids out there quality > quantity. That's word to the V-man...

4. Whats your opinion on all of the spinoffs the Jordan Brand has come out with the past couple of years?

I understand from a business stand point why they had to do it. The product needed to expand into other demo's in the market place because tech Basketball has taken a dip in recent years. So the lifestyle and casual crowd is really rocking Jordans. Team Jordans have outdone the retros for sometime now in the basketball aspect of things. So whats there to do? Make these awful mutations that should be damned to hell. I love Jordan Brand and some people there are my people but I cannot lie but I understand why, in the end the brand needs to get into other areas and guess what? Those fusions sell the hell out no matter what they dont need the OG collector they dont need the young "hypebeast" they need the "hood" or those kids in "The Hills" who love having jumpman's in their shoes.

5.What was the first pair of shoes you can remember actually being excited about getting/buying? Or which shoe was it that really got you into collecting?

Other than my Concord story this there is two shoes that got me going. The first Nike ever on my feet was a pair of Cortez because in LA as a kid you could not wear anything else as a kid. Either get jacked or you repping another "hood" or something so when my parents got my my first Nike' it was like god himself came down and handed me them shoes. I cleaned them everyday as a child with a foam scrubber and water and some Dawn. As for the shoe that got me into wanting to collect shoes I will never forget the day Jordan beat the unbeatable Magic and his Lakers 4-1 in the NBA finals. I saw the shoes he had on that day and I was like "those are evil looking like Darth Vader". My uncle told me Jordan was a ballhog, a selfish prick and and young kid who taught he was better than everybody and he was like the Sith to Magic's Jedi. Well as a kid I wanted to be a "Sith" apprentice cuz the darkside was looking mighty good with those shoes on.

6. Whats been the hardest pair of shoes in your collection for you to get?

I just lost the most meaningful shoe in my collection actually from a friend whos no longer a friend. I had a pair of Stash/nort Zoom Kobe 1's. Took me forever to get that pair man I cant even tell you how I got them. I would have to dip your feet in cement and throw you over a bridge if I did. But I let my friend who had a shop borrow them as a showcase piece, he said he lost them when he closed down the shop.Sent me some money, but thats not the point! That was my love right there the one pair of shoes that define my style, define my love for shoes,define what hard work can get you. So I woudl be surprised if I ever get my hands on another pair ever...hopefully a miracle will happen. Big shout to Stash and Jared liner who actually was the force behind the shoe by the way Jared Liner!! Stash said he sat back and watched him do the work lol.

7. Right now are there any shoes that you are trying to find or are looking forward to getting?

Well let me give you a top ten list then!1.Nike Penny III retro2.Air Jordan CDP XI/XII3.Nike Carnivore4.Nike Trainer SC "34"5.Nike SB Dunk Hi "Shoe Goo"6.Adidas The Kobe "Mesh"7.Reebok Scrimmage mid8.Nike x De la Soul II9.Zoom Kobe IV10.Zoom Lebron VI

8. With one of the best collections I've ever seen what is the first thought that goes through your mind when you see a guy wearing a pair of fake Jordans?

If it's a kid I dont bother him, he might be broke and cant afford these big price tags. Let's be real our economy is not that great and families cant afford that Air Jordan IV Mars the get their kid the bootleg. But if your a grown ass person or make money! I call you out and you get the usual response "yo I got the Jordan connect I got some people!" or "You dead wrong man! you dont know shit about shoes homey!". Altercations? yes a few but I'm not no chump either but if you "balling" and have some 30 dollar bootlegs on your feet "We dont believe you , you need more shoes to mines that are equal". So fake jay cats out there beware of the Krusader because Im will call the kids out.

9. Jumpan Logo vs. Nike Air on the Retros which do you prefer?

Nike Air of course thats they way I remember the shoe, so thats the way I want it. But see its politics, Jordan Brand is still owned by Nike and yes they are "Nike" but Jordan Brand makes alot of money for Nike a huge chunk of it. So they kinda can give their brand more push if their Logo not Nike's logo goes on that back heel. Also It makes the OG Jordanhead know his shoe is the original. I honestly dont care anymore and will rock it with the jumpman. To be honest most of our "Og's" are un-wearable or will become un-wearable. So let's just be happy these things came out again because when is the next time a pair of Black/cement IV's will come out?

10. And the last question I ask everybody, Which pair of shoes in your collection can you throw on and go out somewhere and be guaranteed heads will turn when they see them? I'm sure you've got more than one though so list as many as you feel.

Im going to blow your mind right now,but the one shoe I got compliments on the most when I put that shoe on was...the Nike Zoom Kobe II ORCA. Yes I got some Sb's, Player Exclusives, OG's, and some prize Old timers. But this shoe is the illest shoe to come out the Nike camp in the last 8 years hands down. The shoe is just well constructed and beautifully made and when I put that ORCA on, people just can say no to a head turn because now that I wore some Sith shoes, lol, I can wear this Kobes (Jedi's).

Keep it God like Shout out to people who are inspiring me.Anthony Gilbert,Mark Miner,Dee Wells, Marc Williams,Eric Avar,Bobbito Garcia,Matt Halfhill,Nick Depaula,Ken Link, and last but not least YOU.

Thank you Sneakfiend/Shoe Must Go On and catch me on Nicekicks. com writing my life away.

Thanks to Chris Vidal For the Picture

Finally Chris put this joint up...

V x PaperChasr x Petey!

V for thanks dunn

Kanye West New Video "Love Lockdown"


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My Ode to thee XO

XO by Vulkan the Krusader (Written to Lost Ones beat by Jay-Z)
Lost One - Jay-Z Feat. Chrisette Michele
If I can put into words what just occurred
something kinda weird and might sound obscured
But shorty came out so deter...Mined
she Jennifer Loping with-out the hoe shit
niggaz swarm the kid like the plague of locus
and she say she got her swag she naturally had since she was made by her dad
and putting her ear next to a plate at red lobster is the only way she listen
To crabs..
So relax...homey
She is not Homey
and she act accordingly
never hold back for me
X-0...yeah she that shorty
IQ High as the peaks on the Himalayas
and she could read you mr. I love you but she know your MR.I fuck bitches player
so if your game aint insomiactic like dude you cant stay up
she is built from a different make up
and she look stunning even with out make up...
dont need a nigga to get her cake up...
Thats Xo god...

Her name is Xo
shes my favorite rose

The spitting image...If you spit it
Riveting privileged the dream you know you could live it
if she find a way to see that she is my witness
Between her fine lines of physical prowess..that she dishes
cross your fingers say a couple of hail marys
rosy cheeks like the milkmaid who work at that dairy
I could see the mind is beautiful, and so is the person
long years from now you can see her flame could still be burning
the Pages of the book she write are turning
And she could admit that shes way way far from perfect
I respect that
I never neglect that she is a miniature version of me at that
which makes her able to adapt to any situation where the fakest things seem to be dispatched
and at her age she already know how to act unlike most spoiled reimbursed brats
she can be that moment
she can be the final exponent
she is the the agony and torment
and she is the difference that makes you either have a good or bad performance

Chorus 2x

Lemme paint this picture
but its not complete if I aint witcha
You must come correct not no corn ball whos a horny whistler
she can make a dude make some plans come to fruition
the only thing between her and and you is time and distance
Down for anything..yeah for the fuck of it
Young Snuffalafacus snuff a couple of kids for talking "It"
so real like blood but better when she really keep her promises
Final destination... Jenn
And I write these words for you on my ancient pen
I dont feel like coming up short like asian men
I could satisfy the Glee then you satisfy me
A best friend you can assure to you I will be
no matter what age no matter what life
No matter what stage Im on or what Mic
You got one shot at this life..
Your voice is what heaven must sound like...
you cant count on the support and love
in the end of times youll know who in the end was I thinking of!

V for damn that beat gets you lol

Free Jay-Z Concert in Miami for Obama

We Went to go see Jay-Z at bayfront park. Me , Fabe, Hasan, and Beatriz and new friend Jeannie. I must say it was the greatest free concert in the history of mankind and was the most impressive outing for an emcee I've seen. It was better than Kanyes glow in the crap tour. But Jay lost his voice and could not perform today so for those who missed out man.!!!! check

Dodgers win!!! 3-0 versus the best team in the NL

We did it...finally! My Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs in a series sweep. So sweet and so defining moment in Dodger history. Now we face the Philadelphia Phillies as we won againts the Chicago Cubs in that final game 3-1. Our pitching was better, our hitting was better, pur fieding was better. I am s proud right now and I pray we get to the world series. We should give Manny everything he wants if we do win it all!

V for bring on those Phillies!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dodgers up 2-0 on the Cubs! One more we go to the NLCS!!

Manny Ramirez is god in LA he will take us to the NLCS to play whoever the wins in the Phillies/Brewers series. We are playing our best baseball and at the right time, I havent been this happy in a long time with the Dodgers. If we can get to the world series and pull a miracle I can die happy. Who knows let just finish these cubs for now. We have won the games 7-2 and 10-3 in Chicago so lets close it out Bums!


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Miami Dunkxchange Pictures here on my BLOG

Little Problem at Nice Kicks will be resolve just a small misunderstanding.

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Miami Dunkxchange September 2008
Miami Dunkxchange September 2008

Shout outs: Gary and Corey for DXC holding it down, Female Sneaker Fiend always repping the ladies, CMS, Lex one, Peter and crew from Shoe Gallery, Mr.Hypebeast , Fabe and Beatriz, ISS and NT alumni, Nikki, Lo from ATC , Chris from MIA and DJ Keen one!