Friday, February 13, 2009

Vulkan the Krusader "Im a Lion"

"Im a Lion" by V.K.

( rapped to Incredible beat)

to this beat if you havent heard...Mickey facts respect son

Shorty I’m lion I rip heads off and let them bleed slowly
So stop acting like you dont know me
Or like you been in the playoffs when you haven’t even won a trophy
On the Microphone Im like Madison Square Garden and Kobe
61 reasons, leave your mental steaming
I’ll fucking disrespect anything you love that is a breathing
Why you trying to be a demon into some heavy scheming
You were trash from the start and you know Im anal about cleaning
Niggaz can say they don’t fear the V, when I step on the scene
Homey pee’s in his tight knit jeans
So you think you better than the G? Stupid trick Enlighten me!
I am the Popeye Od’ed on spinach
My ego is that of a English man who lives lavish and privileged
I face a thousand gang members and prophesize testimonial and they dig it!
My heart gots no fear my mind has no limit
So on the real I aint like the rest of the niggaz you swear is real but just bitches
Niggaz who got no swag or even a common sense or logic that’s quick witted
So to yourself keep fooling
As your lips keep drooling
Over something confusing or the excuses you been using
Cuz you really aint doing and your words to me aint exactly soothing
Now you fucked up and wondering where I’ve gone
Noticed your in the wrong and if you think Imma tag along
Over the bullshit you spilled then your ass totally wrong
Now look at you sweety your just another song!
I turn the other cheek cuz your mind is pretty weak
When the words that you speak just remind me why people think its sweet
To be a idiot and say things without power behind your teeth
You need to have some experience bambina! KAPISH!
Now look at you, belly getting bigger, your another stat and hes just another nigga
No big rap star, no company being formed, just un employment line wheres hes getting bored
And your just getting scorned but guess what at least he “scored”
He counting the food stamps to head out to the store? Lol
Yeah yeah hes smart right but guess what good hearts don’t pay when your really poor
And the landlord at the door
Cuz you another girl that fooled yourself that there was no one else
And didn’t know what you felt was just a distant cry for help
But when you put yourself into a position of just loss..guess what you by yourself
So why should a nigga like myself be sitting back collecting dust on a shelf?
Now look whos laughing after you just back in a hole where you cant hack it
I remember for this nigga you was doing backflips how his dick game was mastered
And you thought life would be sweet if you can be his slave and he could be your master?
Then you found out he was a slacker another lying con artist Ass Tapper
Naw…shorty I aint no lame. Cant bring me back in your games
So please hit the road and take that walk of shame
In reality you and your mind like millions others lost are one in the same
But like I said in the start you just began but never made it, cuz you never got really trained

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