Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alife Courtyard Sale

My people at Alife are having a sale so go by and holla at boy's at the Good ol A of Life. They are on Rivington 158 right there! Shout out to the whole staff I haven't been to the shop in a while to be honest.Much love to Chris, Jesse,Tommy, Manolo,Angie,Drucker,Kevin Clancy,and Treis and Arnaud.Big shout out to whole Alife Mob now get over there and cop some shit.

V for Alife

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nipsey Hussle In NYC

So me and Jessica were chilling and she said we can go to this Nipsey Hussle joint at SOB's.So we headed out,before that we had a lil shoot on Delancey.We got the Venue at the end of the set of Smoke Dza and right on time for Nipsey.He was followed by a whole squad of crips.I respect the gang lifestyle a lot I was raised in LA as a kid and it's no joke.It's a way of life,a if you don't know anything about it don't talk to someone who's part of it about it unless you really wanna get into that mind state.Anyways the show was dope kinda proud someone from the west coast can rock a mic and get to rep the blue.I was raised with Bloods but theres always a mutual respect to the blue side of things, DODGER FAN LOL.I know mad niggaz are gonna probably gonna wanna find out who's Jessica after this, I know yout thirst lol.She's a wanted woman but her time is valuable,so occupy most of it!We headed out to Santos to check out Mitch and Nipseys after party.My dude was there Van,Diego,Maxwell and Gabe.Ease came through as well,and Jessica from the other side of the lake was there as well as a surprise.Night ended with Hussle performing and as he left we decided to bounce,where I finally met Promise and then I went into Mickey d's and told them to fuck off.

V for home safe WESSSIDEEEE

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stalley Performance at Sob's

Before we get into this blog I want you to click on the video above.Me and Stalley been boys since I moved to NY.I was there when he was at Alife and even before I started rhyming again.I loved "The Autobiography" but I told Stalley I wanted to hear him on banging beats and a more aggressive flow.He's been getting better,even on stage he looks more comfortable by the days.Anytime Stall has a show I have to go and flick it up,not only for support but because I feel someone needs to document progression of a artist and of course he's my boy.I met his Manager Dan for the first time, real cool fellow.I got myself a Stalley tee,I like it with the African colors and all.Reminds me of some old De La shirts from back then.Also met Tony from Creative Control, nice dude my friend Tarik told me needed a email on a project he hollered at them for,I don't know what it was but I connected them.Also saw Rugz D.Bewler who also is on Ski's highly anticipated "24 hour Karate" school.

One thing that me and Stall talk about is how New York crowds lately have been too cool to even bob their head or get wild or be on some real shit.When you hear hip hop it's energy and you feel the music.I get lost in my songs by myself,so why cant people do the same?Anyways performers know that other crowds that are not New York get hype in seconds.Stalley still performs some old joints from his last mixtape but my favorite is the new Ski song he did for the compilation.Dame Dash has built a pretty dope roster of new Artist,my boy Maxwell told me I should align myself but I am not ready yet to introduce or even be in that lane right now.The show went well and this dude Sean Christopher was pretty dope at the end of the show.I went up to Stall to tell him how far he's come and I expect us to work in the future.IF we build as a unit in New York then nothing can really fuck with us.Aisha was there, man her belly is getting big,Stalley about to become a dad.Now that task itself is anther transformation as a man.Well like dipset said "ITS REPPING TIME".Shout out to every at the show my main man Yames and Kriem and Rugz D.Bewler.

V for See you next show Stalley