Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Profecy - Make you a Believer Mixtape

Profecy out of Lower East side NY is a young emcee,I talked to him the other night.He is very raw and has potential I was impressed by his wit and wordplay,just needs to formulate his sound more.My dude Lazer mixed this and Big Keef is behind it so I gotta show love to the fumily.Here for your listening pleasure is the mixtape download it below.
Download: Profecy - 'Make you a Believer"
V for Fum Life

Monday, November 29, 2010

10.Deep Holiday 2010 Collection

10.Deep just dropped their new lookbook for the holiday 2010 collection.My dude Terry Urban is in it and Black Thought.Go check it out at the 10.Deep website to check out the whole collection and shoot, its pretty dope.
10.Deep Look Book
V for 10.Deep

Skotch Davis Listening Party Tonight @ Prohibit

My friend Skotch has been working hard on his mixtape, and tonight we get to listen to it at Prohibit in the LES.Hit up the email and RSVP for tonight to get in and have some drinks and listen to some good music.

V For Skotch Davis

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marv3lou$ - SPARE CHANGE MIXTAPE Download

So yeah me and Marv are in good terms again,he's grown as a person im hoping and Imma just let this rock on here cuz,he did put in work on this thing and it's something i've been there for before anyone.He has room for growth and he's a dope rhymer with talent anyways.Download this shit, Faculty set is back on rotation niggaz.GOT ANY SPARE CHANGE?
V FOR M@rv3lou$

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vulkan the Krusader Surprise Performance at Cove

Tomorrow I will perform only a couple of verses from the mixtape, so come through and just bring you friends to Cove in Williamsburg.My rhyming brethren Mr.Starcity and Marvelous also are performing a couple of songs.Come one come all lets make it a friends and family occasion. DJ Schoolboy put this together so it's all for him and the rest of the Cove fam.Open bar 12:00 to 12:30 A.M. and 2:00 to 2:30 A.M. come through get drunk and party all night.

Emilio Rojas - " Life Without Shame " Mixtape

The DJ Green Lantern x Famous Stars and Straps mixtape featuring Emilio Rojas is now available! Download this shit my nigga Emilio is a beast for you cats that know who he is.For those who know who Emilio is then you already know what the fuck is up.
Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame Mixtape

The new mixtape project includes features from DJ Green Lantern, B.o.B., Yelawolf, Mike Bigga, Mickey Factz, Laws, Big K.R.I.T., The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Needlz, Dante Ross, Illmind, M-Phazes, and more.

V for Emilio Rojas

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Action Bronson - " Shiraz " Video & Art

My dude Action Bronson ain't no slouch on the microphone.Recently he released his video for the song "Shiraz" from his upcoming project.Also I took the most Iconic picture of Action so far and now it's immortalized in a painting,check it out above as some artist made it into a dope ass visual.Holy trintiy niggaz, peppers,onions,celery.

V for Action Bronson

Choo Biggz - " RSW Bija " Video

Friday, November 19, 2010

Albert Vargas - "Love Love Love" Video

Albert Vargas Love Love Love from LE MUSIC GROUP on Vimeo.

You need to see this video,it's Albert Vargas with his " Love Love Love" visuals.Made by Unkle Luc my boy with his friend,it is alot better than the shit out there right now.GREAT FUCKING JOB MY DUDES.


Alife Early Black Friday Sale

Alife is having a sale right now so get out there to Rivington and cop some shit it's 50% or more.Tell them Vulkan sent you...

V for Alife

Take a look at my dude Jesse's Blackberry Commercial!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marino Goods

Marino Gang - "1995 Visual" from Marino Goods on Vimeo.

I first heard about Marino through Diego,who told me they were sponsoring some things for the 40oz Bounce event.Then my dude Marv got involved with them,and rocked some of their stuff.I like the execution of the designs and the Wu-Tang influence from it.It came from younger men though, and it just shows how much Hip Hop has no age limit or inspiration is still has on todays youth.These guys are good people are humble young men trying to make something of themselves.Salute young generals,they are planning their next drop as we speak.So check out their line,I might be rocking some stuff soon.
Marino Goods Store
V for Dom

Marino Goods TUMBLR

PEGLEG Pop Up Shop

The good people of Pegleg NYC will be opening up pop up shop soon.So stop by and cop some pegleg shit when this joint opens up.If you never heard of Pegleg Nyc then you better get up on it,there's a link below fool.


V for Scott Williams

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10.Deep Holiday 2010 Preview Video

Holiday 2010 Preview from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

My fam at the Tenth Division released the Holiday Preview Video. Check out it,and just wait for the blog where I post the Winter drop,for 10.Deep.

V for Obi

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Come out tomorrow to Gallery Bar to celebrate some Slut Time for this party at Gallery Bar. We in there with DJ Schoolboy spinning the wheels of steels boiii

V for Slut Time

Monday, November 15, 2010


OFWGKTA WEBSITE click here asshole

I didn't know how much Odd Future has a cult following until the recent NY show.To be honest i thought this lil niggaz was just a treat for underground L.A. heads out there.I mean these niggaz those like to be labeled shit,but it reminds me of El-P and Gravediggaz had a baby together.The catalyst for the group are two very talented young mark ass niggaz called Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt who have the best lyrical ability out of the bunch.As a crew they all have there strong points and weaknesses.Some of these niggaz shouldn't be rapping,but some of them are exceptionally good at this shit.Anyways go check out their website and download some shit, Tyler's "Bastard" and Earl Sweatshirt's "Earl" are dope as well as the "Radical" mixtape by Odd Future.These niggaz are just a breath of fresh air in the game.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Troy Ave - Bricks in my Backpack : The Harry Powder Story (Mixtape)

My boy Hof gave me this mixtape at Greenhouse I really like this dude's flow.Hof wa raving about his steeze so i had to pop this thing in the CD player and just zone out.Trust me it's worth the download,its below so enjoy some new music on your laptop you bastards.

V for Troy Ave
Troy Ave - Bricks in my Backpack Mixtape

Good Conduct Winter 2010

I booked my dude from Good Conduct at Dunkxchange when I was running it,and seen his line grow.I believe the direction is going somewhere and it's looking better by the drop.Here is the new shirts coming out for Winter,this is the look book.So if you feeling any of these joints,go ahead and cop them at the website on the link i provide below.

V for Good Conduct
Good Conduct Clothing

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vault x EJordanill Art School

Vault is hosting a art show with EJordanill November 18th, 2010.Come through very good performances,drinks and fun.The Harlem family will be in attendance,see you guys there.Other than that, check out this ill ass bubble butt chart below that showcases different types of asses.

V for Vault

Monday, November 8, 2010

White House Band - Wasup!

The White House Band released this new single today.David E. Beats is one of NY's most promising artist,he is a superb beat maker and musician.This track is about the struggle as a artist, so maybe you can relate to it.

V for The White House Band
The White House Band - Wasup! Download

10.Deep Pop-Off Shop in L.A.

Opening at 7pm on Friday, November 12th, the 10.DEEP POP-OFF SHOP will host the global premiere of the Holiday 2010 collection, as well as the first of several pieces exclusive to the shop. This opening will be the first of several rolling events and exclusive product releases during the Holiday 2010 season, including the launch of their first major mixtape release in more than a year.

V for 10.Deep L.A.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vulkan The Krusader - " The Rare Era " Produced by Star Slinger

This is the fourth song released from the Mixtape.My friend Abs has a clothing line called "The Rare Era" which inspired me to make a song with the same name.It is track number 4 on the 22 mixtape.It is produced by Star Slinger from the UK a wonderful beat arranger and basically me rapping houston style,bass heavy,slow tempo condeine raps.Check the joint out, its one of my favorites, you can probably cook to this shit too lol.IT's also featured on the Rare Era mixtape releasing tomorrow or later today.

V for THE RARE ERA, are you part of it?

10.DEEP X Vulkan The Krusader

The Tenth Division is a group of creative individuals who make dope threads.I recently paid a visit to the offices,to pick up some threads for my "Move Slow" video.I appreciate the love they have shown and the sponsorship Im going to be rocking 10.Deep pieces when you see me out.Later I might have some bigger news for yall later.I wanted to showcase their pieces on a blog so here are some dope Fall 2010 pieces.Thank you Scott,Ben,Josh,Jeremy,and of course Emeka you are appreciated.
10.Deep Website click here.
V for 10.Deep

Photography: Andy K

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rich P - " Will I Ever " Download

Download this shit right now, it's probably my top 10 tracks released this year.Rich P is my nigga from Harlem and his work ehtic is amazing and his tracks are dope.He also makes a guest appearance on my mixtape on "Gilbert Grape" so watch out for him.But this shit right here nigga knock it loud and it's on my Miami Diddy Bounce shit! This is off the forthcoming "The Oval Office" mixtape coming in December.

V for Rich P

Prince Samo - The Royale with Cheese Download

I met Prince at parties out here with my boy Cody and seemed like a good spirited kid.He is a emcee's emcee and reminds me of some old school straight Queens hip hop which i dig.He recently released his "Royal with Cheese" Mixtape,and I gotta put this up because I support real Hip Hop and this is what this mixtape is.Click the link down low to down load this load...no pause needed.

V for Prince Samo

Prince Samo - The Royale with Cheese Download
1. A Number One (Introducing Casper Fuentes)

2. Sleep To Dream

3. Royale With Cheese

4. 21 Gun Salute

5. I’m Leaning

6. Say What You Feel

7. My Favorite Actress(Feat. Jeff Donna)

8. 4LOKO’S(Feat. Children Of The Night)

9. Dreams(Feat. Cody B. Ware)

10. Better Than Gold

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DOUBLE GOOSE : Pop up store VOL.2

My brother TOTO is back New York and is bringing with him the Double Goose's!! So if you dont know what that is come by the store to check it out.The store is right next to Reed Space in the LES.The flyer is above for the opening, so if you got bread and like nice things? COP one cuz that's what the real OG niggaz rock.

V for Double Goosing on ya

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rocksmith x Wu-Tang Clan Capsule Collection 2010

My people at Rocksmith are releasing probably the dopest Wu-Tang Clan collection.The pieces are amazing,and bring a sense of nostalgia.They basically are making the clothing that should have been made when Wu had the chance to make dope shit.This is dope shit and cosign this shit 100%.Shout out to Erik and Mike and Mark at the office.Here are some pictures of the collection.

V for @RocksmithTokyo

Rocksmith Store