Monday, January 31, 2011

"Loco Life" Music Video ( Hustle Hard remix)

So I was at the Fun House with my Loco's. Sky wanted to make a track 4Fun.We ravaged the "Hustle Hard" instrumental from Ace Hood.So me,SKy,Hood Chef,Jerzey Boi,Nasty Neil,and Smoke Demon.We were just wilding out having fun,on a Sunday night.Check it out here on the blog.

V for 4fun

Monday, January 24, 2011

In my Mind, the end of Lucy.

So im back in New York, things are about to get crazy.The mixtape had many setbacks with production and people not being able to meet deadlines and such.It was hard for me to even make this thing.22 tracks of complete,utter, crazyness i tell ya.Producers were gathered up last minute.I missed the time frame I could turn it in to 10.Deep in time, so i missed up a opportunity for that.Though I still rock it everyday,the new project they coming out with is dope.In any case I am left with the the remains to find another suitor asap.This project began with heartbreak and ends with heartbreak and sacrifice and more work.Many haven't even given it opportunity, even those who called themselves my friends haven't heard one song.But, in the end that doesnt matter because they are not the ones who will make it or break it.It's the hip hop audience that it will relate to.The sites that will post it up and the people who feel what I brought forth.Something original, a new voice, a new musical landscape to play in.

So Im back in NY, ready to find another job, ready to move in a new Apt and ready to push the limits of what my mind can achieve.It's gonna be another mountain to climb,i still wanna do more than just rap though.I have my passions in writing,event planning,photography and marketing brands.But I can even do so with myself as the product, but always still need help.My manager is Peter Coultas and AP is my right hand marketing dude and Hood Chef with the visuals and some other companies.When i started this i thought i wrote it cuz i went through a horrible relationship,with someone who lied to the world.Naw, it was not that, it wasn't about her, it was about every other fucking dude who is scared to say what they feel.I guess i gotta be the dude to showcase that side of man.I still can spit a couple of dope bars here and there, but i just wanna make a real music.If you dont like it, you dont like it, if you love it, love it.

V for thats how I feel nigga.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Lucy Naive Mixtape Cover Artwork

Here is the new cover to the mixtape,first time I have shown it anywhere online.Hope you guys like it, the project is schedule to drop February 14th,2011.The love theme is still the main topic, and it's 5 songs about that, the rest is pure unadulterated Hip-Hop music.

V for #Krusaders

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moruf - "Garden State of Mind": Ready to Live Mixtape

Moruf hails from New Jersey, there's only a few worth listens from the Garden State.I remember meeting him and he has a charismatic flow and great positive vibe about him and his Jersey Clan family.So I finally got around to listen to it yesterday and yes this shit is worth the download.So get your copy here on THE KRUSADER website.
V for Moruf

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Hood Chef Ft. Mid-Nite " Loco Flow "

My nigga Hood Chef made another based/swagged out video!!! lol with my dude Mid-Nite helping out and the Sabit team bringing some goodies and Woodshocks all over nigga, what up Kojo!!!

10.Deep x Pro-Keds Veteran Pack

My friends over at 10.Deep been in the game for 15 years!! One of the first major brands to be called "streetwear" but I dont look at them like that.They are celebrating with this Collaboration with Pro-Keds called the "Veteran Pack".They will be available at the webstore,LA pop off shop and select retailers Jan 7th at 3.p.m.,so cop yours.Numbers are very limited.
10.Deep Online Store Click Here SWAG!
V for 10.Deep

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Futuristic Lingo - " It's Natural " Video

Been bumping this shit in the krib,it's really dope melodic and braggadocio type shit and pimpish.Speaks to my laid back roots, check the video out these niggaz swaggin the fuck out.

V for 100,000

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

B.A.M. - " Made Men " Mixtape

Lemme introduce you to two very good friends of mine.I have heard their stuff for over a year and I like it.People have been skeptical and of course want to hear what a project from them sound like.Well it's here for your downloading purposes.This is just a intro to them, The Smokers Section is their debut mixtape which will come this summer.For now enjoy the soulful sounds of this "Made Men" EP brought to you by Downtown Mayhem.Down below you will find the link to fill your iphone with some real good music.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hi-Jynx - " Your Love: smells like money "mixtape

Well lets start the year off right with a member of the top 10 for 2011 dropping the first sounds.The main man from Queens Hi-Jynx who is going through some changes in his rap style right now.I talked to him a couple of times,and the kid has tons of promise and I already know he can rap his ass off.What i ask him is, who is Hi-jynx other than a ironclad bar spitter?I like for emcee's to get personal through music,which i tell people all the time.It's kinda like getting to know you without sitting down once with you.Hi-Jynx starts off the year with and you judge for yourself.


V for Hi-Jynx


My dude Nice throws these open mics together,monthly and brings out some dope artist.I know will be rocking out the January 14th one, with my nigga RICH P AND GRAMZ SO COME OUT AND SUPPORT SEE YOU PEOPLE THERE, I WILL BE DOING SOME CHOICE LUCY NAIVE SONGS.