Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vinnie Dwayne - Solitary

I found out about my dude here from my Press guy Julien.He is really something else,he reminds me alot of J.Cole and his music needs to be heard.He is taking production submissions for his next project, if you looking to work with someone with a future this man is it.Check the shit, on datpiff...his flow is strong.

RIPMC - Purple Heart [Video]

One thing I love about Rip is hes not scared to be himself and thats why I respect his craft.

V for Rip

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cocoa Bella - "Triple Threat Tragedy" Release Party

May 3rd at Taj  from 10pm to 4am come out and celebrate with Cocoa and she unleashes her first ever mixtape on the world.She sings,rhymes but has a new aesthetic to her mantra.So head out and check it out yourself,  RSVP is on the flyer.

V for Cocoa

Monday, April 25, 2011

Adebisi - Fuck the Dollar [Video]

Off his "Blaxploitation" Mixtape is my favorite track made into a lil video from my dude.This song has been on heavy rotation on my iphone.Support new Artist, and good music people.

V for Fuck the Dollar

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cody B.Ware "Welcome Home" Release Show

Gotta post this up for my nigga Cody B.ware who is one of the dopest niggaz outta the Queens camp called "Worlds Fair". This will happen May 21st, 2011 at Public Assembly tickets will be $10 dollars support this shit and post it on your site.

V for Cody B.Ware

Friday, April 22, 2011

ClockWisdom - Pre-CKM

This is Erik Gilroy,he recently sent me a track for my "V for Vendetta"Mixtape coming out November.Sick ass dude man his production skills are uncanny and his project he just released is dope and gives you a lil preview of whats to come from his camp.The man is certified dope so don't sleep on his shit.

V for Clock Wisdom


Dubstep has catapulted in popularity over the past few years. The kind of dubstep that’s blown up though is often a specific kind of dubstep. It’s largely the hard, punch yo grandma in the face, wobble, crunch, brofest dubstep…

However, time and time again, my friends tell me, “I don’t like dubstep, it’s all loud noises & wobble bass, where’s the melody, where’s the __?” I’m sure they are talking about the aforementioned style.

But dubstep is way more than that. In fact, my favorite songs in the genre are usually melodic, smooth, song-oriented, head-nodding not smashing, and hypnotic. In a word, they’re “grown.” Hence the title of the mix. GROWNSTEP!!!

The selections are meant to reflect Dubstep’s ongoing maturation and continuous expansion. This is a mix to which you don’t have to fight your grandmother. I suggest playing her the mix over a bowl of Matzoh ball soup and a cup of hot cocoa…

V for Shouts to Teddy King

Download Link: DJ Shiftee's GrownStep Mixtape

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donny Goines - "Ich!ban" Video

Heres Donny Goines "Ichiban" video directed by Court Dunn.If you dont know his name, he's not working hard enough.

V for D.Goines 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Revive Da Live Big Band Tribute to GURU‏ Tomorrow

Tomorrow at Le Poisson Rouge New York, there will be a special tribute to GURU show.So if you looking for something to do, head there his family will be in attendance and shouts to Revivalist and Okayplayer.

V for Got there if you love hip hop.

Gramz - No $ on 4/20 Pt. II [Mixtape]

This is Gramz Second release this year, its called "No Money on 4-20 pt.2" we as a collective strive to give niggaz good music.My nigga brought it again on this, this is our 5th project out this year from 4fun ,we hope yall niggaz have enjoyed every bit of music we have released so far.

V for thank you for listening 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thelonious Martin - 16​-​Bit [BEAT TAPE]

This dude has been on my radar of late,his production skills are very dope.I think hes one of the up and coming producers in the Tri-state area for that real booming soulful sound also video gamish themes are ones I love.I am working with him also on my next mixtape which comes out November this year.Watch us make something, but for now download his beat tape and witness greatness.

V for Thelo

Steven A. Clark - STRIPES [EP]

Personal issues aside, one thing I cannot deny is talent or great music.So I put that aside,cuz nothing personal should stop great music from being showcased.This is Steven A.Clark if you like Frank Ocean,The Weeknd youll sure to love this dude.He's very talented and the Mr.Familiar guys work hard to make this great music.I suggest you download it,and listen cuz you people really sleep on great artist out there.
Steven A. Clark - Stripes by LE Music Group
V for talking truth

Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing

Im not gonna post up the Frank Ocean Mixtape,thought RNB has took a dip him and the Weeknd and Mateo have really helped a resurgence.Im going to post someone you don't know next, and give a damn about personal issues.

Monday, April 18, 2011

40Thousand Live at Sutra

Another #4Fun set member who's under Shameless Management is pretty dope.His name is 40thousand and we fucking swag the fuck out anywhere we go.Here is his performance at Sutra in NYC.

V for 40Thousand

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I dont know even know what to tell you about this project.Just go in with a open mind and let it go,because it is really left field shit.But i enjoyed the listen so check this shit out.

Slut Time...AGAIN

Welcome to the Vulkan the Krusader website....this is something from my private files.Thank you coming by checking it out.

V for.....she was cool but not cool enough.

G.R.A.M.Z feat. Doc and Leek - "Jus Livin"

The #4Fun set,we are a collective of Musicians making good music.10 Members deep, this is the track "Jus Livin" from Gramz Feat. Doc and Leek.Check it out it's my dude's Bunzino's first ever video.Good job my dude!

V for #4fun set

Friday, April 15, 2011

Adebisi - The Blaxploitation [Mixtape]

My dude Adebisi released his intro mixtape to the world, mixed by the homie DJ Laser.Brought to you by The Mad Bloggers,this tape is truly something dope and new cuz Adebisi is from another place.He's from Milwaukee and his flow is southern coated but still Hip Hop.Its really a pleasure just hearing something else,a new voice.
Adebisi - The Blaxploitation [DOWNLOAD LINK]
V for Adebisi

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THE DEATHSET - “We Are Going Anywhere Man” VIDEO


V for Dan,J,Roofeeo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DONNIS - Southern Lights [Mixtape]

My dude Donnis finally released his highly anticipated "Southern Lights" mixtape.My dude makes good music, so if you sleeping on him i suggest you get familiar.The download link is below so you got no excuses bitch.This is the Academy speaking.
V for Adonis

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vulkan the Krusader - "MOVE SLOW" [Download]

This is the second single from "The Lucy Naive Mixtape". It's the second part of the 5 song series I put randomly in the tape to follow a storyline.Its about relationships that move to fast and makes you just runaway from it all.Take a listen below and download it if you haven't heard the mixtape yet.Trying to get this video done with master Unkle Luc down here in Florida.

V for Move Slow

Generation Next April 16th at Southpaw

My dude Mic Sean throws down Generation Next once again at Southpaw.This time he is bringing in Pill, Curtains, & Rapsody plus other special guest.Check it out all info is on the flyer so head out if you wanna hear some good live hip hop.

V for Mic Sean

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Lesser Evil & Earpeace Presents : "Fuck what you heard"

Just found this in my old hotmail, but I needed to post cuz its a good mix.My dude Lesser Evil had always been a great supporter,and well Natalio Tabaco hates my guts.Here is their mixtape that is mixed by DJ Getlive.Lot of my friends on it, lots of shit you need to be up on.
V for Fuck what you listen to.

DXC NYC - Pusha,Cyhi, & Fred the Godson

As many of you know I organized this most of last year.I happy to tell you all the show is ravamp with new time frames, new direction and new location.So everything is brand new.With the event taking place at Hiro from 6 t 10pm.With performances from Pusha T,Cyhi the Prince and Fred the Godson.So get there early and buy your tickets now.If you need a table you can still contact me.
V for DXC back on track

Adebisi - Fuck the Dollar & Bloody Murder

Here is Adebisi,releasing his new single called "Fuck the dollar".Also have another track called "Bloody Murder"for you guys,so check out some new music on this glorious Sunday.His project is being sponsored by The Mad Bloggers, shouts to them niggaz too great stuff.
Adebisi - Fuck the Dollar [Download Link]

V for you never know.

Adebisi - Bloody Murder [Download Link]

Friday, April 8, 2011

Teams Vs. Star Slinger - "Close to Me" Video

My dude Star Slinger released his new video with Teams which he constantly colloborates with check the new sounds.Trying to get him over here to do some shows stateside,he is the most talented producer I have come accross in years.

V for Star Slinger

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vulkan the Krusader - "The Rob Kingz Mixtape" Artwork

Well I was a rhyming machine when I was younger, a child basically.In Miami people knew me for rhyming in high school I was that dude you wanted to battle to get respect.Someone sent me the first mixtape I ever made,which was in 1999.This does not represent the emcee I am now,but gives you an idea that,well I've been doing this.Im going to drop it April 17th, it will exclusively be here on my blog,The goodie bag website and All Purpose website.So it will be like something for those who like old sounding crazy ass hell child hood fantasy lyrics induced by a drug comma. It has 10 tracks and well, Its been so long that I've heard it, its really nothing

V for here is the artwork

Najee - From Water To Wine [Album]

My dude Najee who I met through Rugz D.Bewler released his project finally.Its called "From Water to Wine"so please check this joint out its very relaxing type hip hop and wordplay.
Najee- "From Water to Wine [download]
1. Cup Of Water (Intro) (Prod. By John Cave)
2. From Water To Wine (Prod. By Matt Cody & Brady Watts)
3. Destined To Be (Prod. By Grand Staff)
4. To Tomorrow (A Hip Hop Toast) (Prod. By Raw Stiles & Blake Brandes) featuring Nitty Scott MC
5. Hood And A Gun (Prod. By V.Don)
6. Exquisite (Prod. By D Animal) featuring Shawn Sparks
7. Ridin’ (Prod. By Green Tank) featuring Nigel Hall
8. Be Thy Self (Prod. By Ski Beatz) featuring Rugz D. Bewler
9. Can’t Rule Me (Prod. By Green Tank)
10. Why Try (Prod. By Ski Beatz)
11. Money Run (Prod. By Grand Staff) featuring KQuick
12. Gucci Wallet (Prod. By Matt Cody & Brady Watts)
13. Glass Of Wine (Outro) (Prod. By John Cave)

V for Najee

Emilio Sparks ft Smoke DZA & Den 10- CloudKickin' (Music Video)

The second Video from Emilio Sparks project "Scumbinos Way" is out now.Featuring Smoke Dza and Den 10,you can see the cloudkicker mascot finally showing his true colors.

V for cloudkickers

Emilio Rojas - Right To Stay [Video]

Emilio Rojas has been called a couple of things,when he released this song.Hating his own race? People are crazy he was talking in first person mode for a song on the horrors of racism and those with authority abusing the poor immigrants of the world.Take a listen,you will be surprised.

V for Stop Racism

Shaz Illyork - "IMMACULATE" Video

Some new shit from my manz Shaz Illyork.Check it out its some raw gritty shit,the man can flow and its from Queens? What more do you want?!

V for Shaz Illyork

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emilio Sparks ft. CurT@!n$- Change Gon' Come (Music Video)

My dude Emilio Sparks has a project coming out called "Scumbinos Way" highly anticipated and dope.This is the first video from the soon to be released offering.It has Curtains as the feature Emcee.

V for Emilio Sparks

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Profecy - Hunger (Official Video)

Directed by Big Keef,this is the sickest dude in the LES hands down.Who nicer? Let me know fool, FUM LIFE #4FUN bitch niggaz.

V for Profecy

10.DEEP Spring 2011 Delivery 2

My dudes over at 10.DEEP just dropped the second delivery for Spring 2011.I suggest you click on the link below to check the shoot out and the threads.Welcome to the 10th Division.
10.Deep Spring 2011 Delivery 2 Look Book

V for 10.DEEP

4Fun Presents: Loco Life Thursday at Mug Lounge

So Loco Life Thursday's at Mug Lounge are about to start.So I suggest if you don't have something to do you go and party here and check out #4fun & #Fumlife aficionado and LES best emcee, Profecy.It's free so you have no excuse, so go swag the fuck out bitches.

V for Loco Life