Wednesday, August 31, 2011

G.R.A.M.Z. - "Sorry I Forgot my Car Keys" (Mixtape) #4Fun

The #4Fun set keep dropping shit for you niggaz, today our nigga @Gramzd dropped his third album this year. It's fucking dope for those who love real Hip Hop and thats what we all about at 4Fun we drop real shit nigga. Download it below, we got more mixtapes dropping niggaz, #4Fun.

DOWNLOAD LINK: G.R.A.M.Z. - "Sorry I forgot My Car Keys"

Friday, August 26, 2011

STS - The Illustrious LP (Download)

Last night at PNC radio, I formally met one of my favorite up and coming emcee's.He was in the room, he is a x slam poet himself but always stepped outside the box with the things he slammed about.Most poets dont transfer well,when they do slam poetry first.But STS is gold mang.He's also from the southern roots I am from and his flow is insane.Im just hearing cuts this morning off this LP which is FREE! So download this mans shit, its something you wont regret downloading.

DOWNLOAD LINK: STS - The Illustrious

V for @STSisGold 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

40Thousand Youtube "OG BOBBY JOHNSON" Preview

So 4Fun set,is set to release another mixtape.Our Cloudsurfa 40thousand will be releasing his "OG BOBBY JOHNSON" MIXTAPE SOON! HERES A PREVIEW FROM SOME YOUTUBE VIDEOS UPLOADED!






Rich-P - Denim from Paris (Video)

Harlem's own Rich-P releases this freestyle video over the "Niggaz in Paris" Beat. Check it as my manz destroys your life, #Krusaders.

V for Richieeeeee

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curren$y- Verde Terrace (Streaming&Download)

You already know what it is, Curren$y is still busy building a great rep and consistently releasing crack. #jetsfool

Fools Gold - Day Off 2011 September 5th!

Yeah we live for this one.....see you there.

V for Fools Gold.

Jesse Boykins III- Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons) Video

Dope new video from a dope crooner, if you don't know Jesse Boykins III then Google him and browse through his catalog you'll thank me later.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ronincheck Feat. Jah Bread (Goonburg) - "100 Hunnit"

So I was with Scrilla at Beauty Bar for some Shoot,and he was playing this nice little diddy.It was a track made by one of his lil niggaz,It needs some polishing but the potential is there.
V for my nigga Scrilla

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wale-Eleven One Eleven (Download)

As an artist Wale has underwent a lot of transformation in the past couple of years, nonetheless he's still a dope emcee and doing his thing.

Wale - The Eleven One Eleven Theory (Free Mixtape) by rapdose

Direct Download Link: Wale-"Eleven One Eleven"

Leek - "Tales of a Lifer" (Mixtape)

The set has 10 core members, your heard Hood Chef, Me, Gramz,Midnite, and now comes our 5th solo mixtape drop. Harlem Worlds own Leek, my nigga has a smooth flow and dope ass song making ability.We just released this tape its short and sweet and gives you an idea what he brings to the table.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Leek - Tales of a Lifer

V for Leek

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A$AP Rocky Performs Purple Swag at Alife

ASAP Rocky - Purple Swag (Live) @ Alife Rivington Club from BarrelhouseBKLYN on Vimeo.

Rocky is destined to blow its only a matter of time, The Krusaders are just happy to witness this closely in its early stages. The AlifexDannyBrownxA$APRockyxNickCatchdubsxFool'sGold event last Saturday was epic, here's footage from Rocky's set where he performed "Purple Swag" for the first time ever if you missed it. Everything is purple. swag.

Jus Smith-"My Show" (video)

Got a good healthy dose of Harlem over the last few days: last Thursday went over to Marcus Garvey Park to check out Ryan Leslie's Summerstage concert, and Saturday the Krusaders rolled over to Alife to see A$AP Rocky perform. Since I've been caught up in the Harlem fever might as well let this new one go from Uptown's own, Jus Smith,check it out.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Combat Jack & Dallas Penn Present : BYOB BBQ

Looks like Hip Hop is coming back in NY,this is a fucking dope ass event. Come through and dont bring no guns just happy smiles and Love. Props to Combat Jack and Dallas Penn for putting this thing together.


Danny Brown - "XXX" (DOWNLOAD)

My nigga came with it,fresh off the Alife Performance and now his shit drops today from Fools Gold Records.This is Danny Brown's "XXX" you can either Download it or stream it down low.Much love and success to this dude,real humble and down to earth.Shouts to Emeka Obi,good ass job dunnathan.
Danny Brown "XXX" by foolsgoldrecs

V for The Hybrid

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: Danny Brown - "XXX" Mixtape/Album

Wordspit - "Thats Rocawear" Commercial

My dude Wordspit makes some moves out here,first he did a Mcdonalds commercial and now he teamed up with Rocawear to make this promo video for the line.

V for Hov!

L.A. - "Spitting out Blood" (Video)

Off the L.A. Riots Mixtape coming out,L.A. takes a lil Kill Bill and a lil me verses myself.Very dope video,from NY's up and coming Emcee, from Brooklynnnnnnn.

V for LA

Dom O Briggs - Better than you

Here's my dude Domo with a lil video showcasing this short but very potent song wit witty lyricism.Dude can rap yall niggaz just don't know son.

V for Domo.

Friday, August 12, 2011

G.R.A.M.Z Feat. Telli & Hood Chef - "Take Off" (Video)

Take Off- GRAMZ feat. Telli & Hood Chef from Terence MF Thomas on Vimeo.
It was only a matter of time when 4Fun set and Ninjasonik did a collabo song.A night a funhouse Telli came through and hopped on this track with Gramz and then we all got fucked up lol. Directed by @manuallFocus! Happy Birthday my dude!

V for Sonik fucking Ninjaz

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blu - My Sunshine Feat. Nia Andrews (Video)

My Sunshine | Blu feat Nia Andrews from aaronisnotcool on Vimeo.

New shit from this nigga Blu,you already know the drill.

V for Blu NO YORK.

David Banner- "SWAG" (audio)

New track from David Banner's The Make Believe Album definitely a power message in this one check it out.

ASAP Rocky - "Peso" (Video)

My dude Rocky killing things right now,was talking to Yams about video shoots and this is what they was shooting in they hood.Check the visuals out my man got a gaws on his own.

V for ASAP.

Terem-"Here and Now" (compilation album)

Ca Va? Here's a breath of French air from producer Terem. It's always great to see how foreign artists still connect,appreciate, and try to preserve true hip hop music, an endeavor that seems to be fading away here in The States. Here and Now, which includes songs produced by Terem from the years 2007-2011 was actually released last month, but when it comes to good music its better to hear it late than never. Most of the tracks infuse jazz, hip-hop and soul with ill lyrics and concepts and overall it comes out pretty dope. I listened to this all morning at work. The Krusade is worldwide.

Free Download

1.The ParanormL - Transcendence (prod. by Terem)
2.Sinuous - Smiles (prod. by Terem)
3.Sene - Lovely so lovely feat Prefyx (prod. by Terem)
4.Mr Brady & Sha Dula - Things Change (prod. by Terem)
5.Johaz & Just Brea - Make It (prod. by Terem) 03:38
6.Melodiq - Searching feat Just Brea (prod. by Terem)
7.Sinuous - Fast Hands (prod. by Terem)
8.Sene - Steel Hearts (prod. by Terem)
9.Melodiq - Worldwide feat Kohndo (prod. by Terem)
10.The ParanormL - Eternal Karmic Values feat Braille & Adam Payne (prod. by Terem)
11.Mr Brady & Sha Dula - The Struggle feat LMNO (prod. by Terem)
12.Aarophat - Love Poems (prod. by Terem)

To listen to more with I strongly encourage hit up Terem's

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taz Arnold Presents "The Americans" Ti$A

Taz Arnold and Dr.Romanelli,two niggaz who I really respect in their creative ventures into fashion.Their collections have been some of the greatest centerpieces in my mind for trendsetters and tastemakers.Check the video out which is like a preview.

V for Ti$A

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Danny Brown - XXX (Mixtape Cover & Tracklist)

The Hybrid is a good friend of mine, and I just need yall to get up on his music.If you don't know he recently got on Fools Gold and this is the front cover for his mixtape "XXX" which will be releasing August 15th.The tracklist is below muthafuckaz.

V for Danny.

1. XXX (produced by Frank Dukes)

2. Die Like A Rockstar (produced by Skywlkr)

3. Pac Blood (produced by Brandun Deshay)

4. Radio Song (produced by Brandun Deshay)

5. Lie4 (produced by Skywlkr)

6. I Will (produced by Squadda Bambino)

7. Bruiser Brigade feat. Dopehead (produced by Skywlkr)

8. Detroit187 feat. Chip$ (produced by Nick Speed)

9. Monopoly (produced by Quelle)

10. Blunt After Blunt (produced by Skywlkr)

11. Outer Space (produced by Skywlkr)

12. Adderol Admiral (produced by Paul White)

13. DNA (produced by Frank Dukes)

14. Nosebleeds (produced by DJ HouseShoes)

15. Party All the Time (produced by Brandun Deshay)

16. EWNESW (produced by Quelle)

17. Fields (produced by Paul White)

18. Scrap or Die (produced by Paul White)

19. 30 (produced by Skywlkr)

Wizard Sleeve - "Freaky Girl" (video)

Since Lex One my longtime friend is bitching at me, and hes finally sent crap to my gmail.Here is the Wizard Sleeve Video,which I like 305.


Adebisi - "Blaxlife" (video)

Adebisi from the set hits us with his new video, off his last project.Directed by Brooklyn T here he is being fancy as fuck and shit.

V for Blax

Monday, August 8, 2011

G.R.A.M.Z. Interview at PNC Radio

Here is footage of Gramz Interview at Pnc radio,brought to you by the Fumlife's very own Keef.Catch Docky Boy and Dirty Turk freestyling at the end.

Rugz D. Bewler – “Renaissance” Video

"Renaissance" from Rugz D. Bewler on Vimeo.
My dude from Harlem recently released this video,from a song a heard long ago.But now he finally made the visuals, what up duder.

V for Rugz

Nello Luchi - "Ugly" (Video)

Here is the visual from Nello Luchi's first single from her upcoming mixtape.Has her rolling round through her hood,doing what it do baby boo.

V for Nello

Friday, August 5, 2011

4FUN set at PNC Radio with Cocoa Bella & Techie "Run Down" Show.

The set was invited to do the first ever show at PNC with Cocoa Bella manning the questions and flow.Techie is the co-host and they made it a spectacle.Thank you to the people at PNC radio as always and the set was glad to part of it.This video was shot by Keef of the Fumlife,LES flow.

V for check out the freestyle session at the end.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Fight Scene Captured

Here's a fight scene between Batman and Bane shot this past weekend in front of the Gotham City Hall (The Mellon Institute in the Oakland district of Pittsburgh.) I'm sure it will be a lot more exciting once the film is actually produced and put together as opposed to the footage captured by paparazzi cameras, nonetheless, stumbling across this made me get a little hype for the 2012 film.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worlds Fair - Wassup with it God (Download)

Our brothers from Queens, the uncanny Worlds Fair has dropped their new single as a collective.I've told some of them many times have fun on tracks and this is a phone track and some dumbing out shit.I like it, its now my favorite track from their catalog.Click below to check out the gang from Queens.

V for 4fun fucks with yall.

Skotch Davis - Skotchtastic

#OnMyGrizzly drop from Harlems most beloved Basketballer.Here is the new track from Skotch Davis, listen muthafucka.

V for Skotch.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ASAP Nast - Fuck Swag (Video)

I've known my nigga Nast for years, from Atmos in Harlem.Dope ass nigga and great energy and hes also part of the ASAP crew.Here is a visual from my nigga, and watch out for his appearance on my next mixtape "V for Vendetta".

V for ASAP

ill Banger Fridaze August 12th

My dude Teddy King, Jon Black, and the Cookies & Cream crew with Meka from 2dopeboyz are at Madame X. Come through and have some good times with us, its also where im heading after my performance from Southpaw this night.

V for ill Banger.

"Happy Juice" - #4fun Feat. Animal Major,Leek,Docky Boy,Kojo,Wasted Talent,Ricky Bobby,Hood Chef,G.R.A.M.Z

The 4Fun set, we dont fuck around homies.Almost the whole set is in this video,was made at 4am and then shot the video at the funhouse at 7 a.m. Yall niggaz understand the work ethic now?

V for 4fun

"Cooking" - Cerebral Vortex Feat. The Hood Chef (Produced by Cobra Krames)

Cerebral Vortex and Hood Chef from my set get on this track with Cobra Krames production.Us locos make music from every variety and its nice to hear groups that are so different in style just rolling together.This is some bang band loud club shit niggaz on some dub steppish in your face shit.
Cookin' w/ Cerebral Vortex & The Hood Chef (original) by COBRAKRAMES
V for 4fun