Friday, September 30, 2011

Vulkan the Krusader - "Pink" (Produced by FDR)

We been working really hard on the "V for Vendetta" Mixtape.I just released today this track "Pink" which gives you a preview of what the sounds is gonna be like.One of the more mellow tracks but the message is clear, we are here to make real music.

V for Vendetta drops November 5th, 2011  on and this blog which is my other blog to give other artist light and put people on also here.

Curren$y-Light Snacks

A new Spitta track? Why not. Not really much to it but its always good to hear Curren$y over classic instrumentals.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Party TIFF 2011

On September 13th, 2011, BlackBerry and Winkreative hosted a special event showcasing exclusive bespoke accessories and cases that the company collaborated on with various luxury luggage and accessories brands from around the world, including Montreal's WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. The Goodie Bag was on-hand to document all of the action.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Crimson - "Drunk off Thunder, High Off Lightning"

I met Crim like couple years ago,just a young man trying to find his way into music.I been advising him for some time now, on how sound needs to be crafted and how to get the attention of people.This is his best work to date.He worked with producer FDR on this project and its really a solid piece of work.I am on a track called "The Set Up", so check that out. Buy the album on Itunes download and stream it on bandcamp.


V for Crim.

Ease DaMan - "Average Sized Penis" (Mixtape)

You either going to hate or love this mixtape, Ease over the years in NY has always been chaotic to a tee.With this tape the cohesiveness of some of his lyrical structure comes through.The production is left field at times but so is Ease. "Penis Spectacles" and "Opiate Pilates" is my shit though.Download this shit below and hate it or love it.

V for Ease.

Friday, September 23, 2011

D_O feat T Free "Pretty Tony"

My man T Free sent this over to me and I can definitely vibe to it. D_O is a young emcee from Charlotte, NC via Jacksonville, Florida and T Free hails from Burlington, NC. The two collaborated to cook up this solid track. And the movie clip at the beginning is dope. D_O's upcoming project "Far But Close 3" will be dropping soon so be on the lookout.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr.Muthafucking Exquire Feat. Despost, Das Racist, Danny Brown, EL-P - "The Last Huzzah"

So Im in this video of greatness, as the blunt to Danny Brown's side.Only time in history I would do something like this lol, so mark it down bitch! Anyways these are all my niggaz rapping over "Huzzah" and hope you muthafuckaz enjoy the rhymespree.

V for Huzzah

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eric Sosa - "Came Along (way)" Video

Eric Sosa from Queens is another talented fellow from the city,his sound is more soulful than anything else out there.He recently released his "Came along way" video to the masses.Here it is,in its full and completed glory.

V for Eric.

A$AP Rocky - "Trilla" Feat. A$AP Nast & A$AP Twelvy

I heard some cuts from the liveloveASAP tape and its fucking amazing work.Very proud of my bro and the progressive sounds he chose to rap on.We got something coming on the "V for Vendetta" mixtape, stay tune Krusaders. For now listen to this track Produced by Beautiful Lou with Nast and Twelvyy on it killing it as well.

V for Nast who kills this shit for real.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Frank Ocean - "Swim Good" (Video)

frank ocean [swim good] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

Pretty cool video from the Odd Future crooner, fucking with these type of visuals.
V for Frank Ocean

Thursday, September 15, 2011

L.A. "The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality" (Album)

If you frequent then you already know that the Krusaders stand strongly behind L.A.'s musical product. She's a talented emcee with a bright future ahead of her, be on the lookout. In the meanwhile enjoy her latest project, nothing but great things have been said about it so far.Riot.

hiGuys "Cake N Ice Cream" (Mixtape)

hiGuys is a Bronx hip-hop group consisting of emcees Dex McCallister and Cloud 9. Here's the latest offering from the crew "Cake N Ice Cream" take a listen to their most recent project to get a glimpse of what they're about.

Cake N Ice Cream by higuysrock

Mr.Muthafucking Exquire - "Lost in Translation" (Mixtape)

I met Exquire through Vic,who was fucking with my music.I met him and he is a genuine nigga and he fucks with my music heavy.His mixtape came out which is one of my favorite releases this year.We sat in his living room and I was just amazed with the goodness of the sound.The nigga really has a great work ethic and is a great person,I respect that. He's also on a song with me and Sean Price on my "V for Vendetta" mixtape. Download this shit right now to hear something really fucking dope.Shouts to Mishka for putting this fucking dope project out.

V for EXQO

Nacho Picasso - For the Glory (Album)

Nacho Picasso is a emcee picked up by my boys Blue Sky Black Death.The entire LP is their production,its real smooth and and sounds like playboy bunnies loving on old men. Anyways heres the album its free so dont bitch my dudes.

V for BSBD

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tom Brady x UGGS x Mos Def

Saw this commercial today and thought that it was pretty dope. I don't know how I feel about UGGS but great marketing nonetheless.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cashtro Crosby - "Rasta Monsta" LP

Ottawa-based emcee Cashtro Crosby brings us his highly anticipated LP, Rasta Monsta. The project features The Kid Daytona, Milli Millz, The 6th Letter, Lavish, and more with all original production from The Baron Boys, Skindeep, Jimi Kendrix, and Defikon to name a few. Download the project free here.

via The Goodie Bag

Friday, September 9, 2011

FUMMERJAM September 20th Tammany Hall

FUMMERJAM IS COMING TO TAMMANY HALL! September 20TH check out the flyer shit is gonna be epic as fuck.

V for LES killers

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Verbal Kush & Lex One - "Give Thanks" (Video)

Lex one has been my friend for the longest time I haven't seen him but he always puts out good Hip Hop.So here's the latest offering from his Black Jew project with Verbal Kush.

V for Lex.

Kid Cudi -"Mr.Rager" (Video)

This is why I fuck with Kid Cudi,don't care what no one saids about the man or who they think he is.The dude always has something dope up his sleeve, this video is something I would have thought about doing.It's your versus yourself in this rap game and bunch of people you have to fight off with their bad intentions.

V for Scott

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr.Muthafucking Exquire Feat. Heron - "The Song that never Ends (Part 2)" (Video)

My nigga prepping for his mixtape releasing with Mishka September 11th called "Lost in Translation".Which I heard at his krib and the shit sounded fucking amazing dunnathan.Here is a video from my bro so check this shit out and get schooled nigga.

V for EXQO

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

G.R.A.M.Z. Feat. Docky Boy & Dirty Turk - "TIGER BLOOD" (Video) #4FUN

Tiger Blood-G.R.A.M.Z Feat Docky Boy, Dirty Turk from Terence MF Thomas on Vimeo.

So we into a basement, got some happy juice and let @ManuallFocus what he does best.In the latest installment "Tiger Blood", my brother Gramz releases his latest video from his "Sorry I forgot my car keys" mixtape.We are releasing the 15 cent video next week from the very same mixtape. 4FUN set...yeah nigga we make real dope shit.


Ninjasonik - "Moshpit" (Video)

Well, I thought this video was only available at this site that won't allow embedding but I found it on youtube today.This is my ninjaz, you already know what it is.They did a homage to the Warriors movie and ran with it, with Sway from MTV making a guest appearance and countless other cameos from friends of mine.

V for Jah & Telli

Troy Ave - Bricks in my Backpack 2 (Powder to the People)

I met Troy Ave through Hof from OnSmash, I remember he gave me his CD at Greenhouse.I went home and listened to "Bricks in my backpack" was pretty good.So this time I went to the party at Big Fun with Soul to check out his second effort with the title.It's even more impressive that the first one and his shit got doper, POWDER!

DOWNLOAD LINK:Troy Ave - Bricks in my Backpack 2 (Powder to the people)


01. Motion Picture (Prod. by Josh Lamont)

02. Lames (Prod. by Spitty Will)

03. Dirty Martini (feat. Prodigy) (Prod. by John Scino)

04. Powder 2 The People (feat. Paul Cain) (Prod. by Jimmeny Crickets)

05. Nino Brown (Prod. by Prafit LMG)

06. Vanilla Sky (feat. Clay Hillman) (Prod. by Clay Hillman)

07. Street Car Named Desire (feat. Mila Brown) (Prod. by Brian Allonce)

08. Silver Grey (Prod. by Clay Hillman)

09. Whole Lotta Bass (Prod. by Santana & P Thought)

10. Interlude

11. Beautiful Face (Prod. by Sunny Dukes)

12. Nah He Don’t (feat. Tony Collins) (Prod. by B. Carter)

13. Merlot (Prod. by Sunny Dukes)

14. Morning Light (feat. Rich Hill & Killa Kyleon) (Prod. by Enrichment)

15. Power Be Thy Name (Prod. by Prafit LMG)

16. The Town (feat. PUSH! Montana & Wink Loc) (Prod. by DJ Uneek)

17. 50 Cent (Prod. by Top Secret)

18. Dope Game (feat. Chase N. Cashe) (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)

19. BK Bitch (Prod. by DJ Uneek)

V for Troy.

ASAP Rocky "Peso" with Juicy J at Fools Gold

Didn't get to go in cuz of the VIP fuckery up front, but met up with Rocky later at Westway, shouts to my ASAP niggaz doing big things.So Juicy J brought him out and he did "Peso".The homie Bongo Boy was in attendance and capture the moment.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crimson - RED, BLACK & GREEN (Video)

I colloborate with a few artist, and this is one of them. His name is Crimson and he's really dope,hes heading in the right direction with his music and I really enjoyed working with him. It's off his "Drunk Off Thunder, High On Lightning" project dropping September 30th. V for Crim

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Das Racist "Relax Tour" stops in Raleigh on October 4

NC this is one that you won't want to miss , Das Racist along with special guests Danny Brown and Despot will be performing Tuesday October 4 at the Lincoln Theater. Doors open at 8 show jumps off at 9 buy your tickets for a great show as soon as possible.